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Movements were silent, hushed as she slipped away from children and pack. She had work to do. Extasis would move behind her, cloven hooves pressing into the brittle earth but even he seemed to move with quiet grace. Horns spiralled atop his head but it was carried low. This dark winter was taking a heavy toll on all. At least all that she knew of. She hadn't extended a paw to either of the other packs. Hell she hadn't seen the mountain queen since she had come to visit Erzsebet near the start of her reign. She hadn't seen the other king since he had tried to pry her home from her paws. But it wasn't him that interested her. It was the mountain queen that interested her.

She would come to the land boarders, having traveled in complete darkness to avoid the snow beasts that still sounded blood thirsty howls in the ever present distance. But as she drew closer she would reach out telekentically and pull chunks of wood from the surrounding area. She would find three fair sized ones before she would set all three on fire and allow the flaming torches to float about herself and Extasis even though he would remain in the background. Jaws would part and a low frequency would reverberate put her throat in an attempt to call Caracara. Or hell, anyone who might be able to shed some light on this packs current state.

A call brought her out of her warm nest and into the cold. She would float down the mountainside, towards the flickering flame. Movements were wary at first, until she took note of the forest queen. And the unicorn nearby. A brow would arch in question though she said nothing. Hello again. What can I do for you? There were no formalities, it was simply too cold for that, nor did she want to linger any longer than necessary out in the open. Wings tucked against her side in a futile attempt to lock in warmth and block out most of the winner bite. The floating fires helped provide some warmth and much welcomed light, her body was deteriorating with the lack of sun light.
The mountain queen was alive and well, though Ezzy's sonar pings would not bring news of the woman's approach the sound of flapping wings would. Lovely. She was quick as well, something that Erzsebet could appreciate. Cara would cut straight to the point and Erzsebet would tip her head in silent greeting even as lips slowly closed to cease the sonar pings. <i>'Greetings again. I have come to see if you have any news on the happenings. I have sent a few wolves to Rogo to speak with the gods but they have not returned yet. I figured I would see if anyone else had figured anything else out in the meantime.'</i> She would inquire, expression slack though tall ears would slip forward. Icy wind would trickle down the mountains and momentarily din the flames though they were quick to reignite. But with the wind came more howls, demonic and hellish sounds. She had no doubt that those beasts would be in her near future...

She would listen as the queen spoke. She wanted news. Wolves had visited Rogo, something she had not done yet. "So far nothing. I have yet to run into those beasts, though it's only a matter of time." she would explain. "Meals are scarce, but we've managed." She would continue. "how do you fair?" She would inquire, eyes would drift to the Unicom, wondering if he was a last resort meal that was kept around through the false promise of protection. But the queen still did not mention him. Her attention was on the forest queen.