Full Version: Oh Bother...
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<small> Been spotty recently, and I apologize for that. Although being an adult and going to school Monday - Thursday is really tiring, <i>especially</i> when I work the weekends and I feel so uncomfortable with my living situations that I do not eat at this house, I have a problem sleeping, and I mostly just lock myself in my room. I've recently been crashing at an old family friend's house about 35 minutes away from this place and have yet to get the wifi. Although I am unsure if me having wifi would really make much of a difference; between all the homework and <i>group projects</i> of Pharmacology and the abundant information (and shitty teacher) of Microbiology and Microbiology lab, I also now have <i>20 volunteer hours</i> to do and am really unsure when I will <i>ever</i> find the time to complete them. So yeah, been a bit slow with responses and sort of inactive, but I have a <i>lot</i> of responsibilities and a life outside of roleplaying, and although roleplaying is my means of escaping  I have not had the mental capacity or drive to do more then lay my head down and pray to rest my weary mind when I actually get the free time. Not only all of this, but October is a rough month for me because it brings back memories of my deceased grandfather and it is Devin and I's 2 year anniversary.... but I'm all alone.... again):
Again I am sorry for the inconvenience, I will make replies when I can but I would like you all to keep in mind that I am a human being, I have my limits, and I have responsibilities. I may not be able to make 5 posts a week, because my entire week is full of so much homework, reading, studying, and going to work. It's a wonder I haven't already collapsed from the stress and depression; I want Israfel to continue to be my outlet, so I just ask for patience and understanding, as I am sure you can all understand and can relate....</small>
*Sends you so much love*
Everyone has ups and downs in their life. It sounds like a horrible situation but I am sure everyone on here can understand. <3
Take your time with the responses you do not need to feel pressured and you definitely do not need the added stress.
Just know that people on here care about you and we all will have the patience for your responses. <3
I seriously hope things will brighten or get just a little better for you. <3
I hope everything works out Morph! We're always hear if you need to talk<3