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How long had it been since they had been back to this main island? It had been a few seasons... A year? Cruxer was finding it exceedingly difficult to tell time with this whole no sun business. Though it had left him feeling rather depressed at first in the end it had made him kind of thankful for Lucia's ability to generate her own heat. Swimming was still a bitch but at least it was more of a jump to go from the second island to the small island near Vindico to the mainland. That didn't mean that the water wasn't so cold that he felt like icicles were slowly slicing at his limbs and peeling his flesh back so that the chill could seep into his very bones. But at least Lucia was there, powering through this with him.

Numb paws would eventually scrape against sandy shores and for a moment he would stumble, faltering as limp limbs tried to comprehend carrying his own weight. He was completely drenched, his feathers plastered to his body and his clothes hanging limply. God this had been a bad idea but none of the other islands had much to eat. They had come back in hopes that maybe the world was faring better on this side but it wasn't great. No sun. How was Alacritis faring? What of Shai and the rest of their family? Were they being punished as well? They had to be, there wasn't more then one sun after all...

He would drag his body from the icy waters, only going about ankle deep before he would turn his head to look back over his shoulder at the purple woman beside him. Funny how things worked out... Somehow the whole sun disappearing didn't matter all that much to him anymore, somehow everything seemed to fall into place when he looked at this woman. He was beginning to relax more and though he had never really said it yet he loved her. That much he knew and for him that was all he would ever need. Well that and to maybe curl up next to her to warm up and then get some food for them because he couldn't even remember the last time they had eaten...

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<font style=" font-size: 15px; font-style: italic; font-variant: none; text-transform: none; text-shadow: 0px 0px 9px #d2dce9;">Time.</font> It was a funny thing. So much changed and yet nothing changed at all. They and departed many seasons ago, how long she couldn't be sure. They had jumped from island to island before deciding to return. But soon they were cast in the darkness, without warning or time to prepare. They traversed dark waters, legs paddling wearily. Exhaustion took over as she began to see things, imagine shadows in the waters that stalked them, waiting for one them to fall behind and no longer keep up. She longed for dry land, for a dry bed and dry fur. Her magic no longer cooperated, she was simply too tired to call on it.
Paws scrapped against the sands, yet muscles barely could support her weight. She hated this just as much as the first time they arrived. It was blistering cold, the winter chill biting at her wet flesh. A hiss left her jaws as she trailed after Cruxef. He would look back at her and she mustered a smile. They had made it. Again. They would survive. She stumbled to his side, seeking to make contact with his larger figure. <font style=" color: #716D84; text-shadow: 0px 0px 10px #d2dce9;">"We need to rest so I can start a fire."</font> Her voice was rough, raspy with all the salt water she had swallowed.
She sought out his comfort, desperately seeking what only he could give. Neither of them had said it, nor had they expressed any feelings, but she knew, they both did. She loved him, he was the one she was meant to be with him, not his brother. The metaphorical sun rose and fell with him, nevermind that something had happened to the sun here. A sigh slid past lavendar lips. There was nothing she wanted more than to curl up in a Den and sleep beside him.

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i'd eat your heart right out of you</DIV>
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