Full Version: Choose a different path[Andruil]
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Things had been out of balance as of late. Since the sun disappeared by the Gods, the pack had to unite more than ever in the hopes to gather enough supplies to make it through. While they were all becoming skinny and significantly weaker, it seems for now they'll make it for another few days. As soon as Paradise awoke, she's stretch her long limbs before taking a moment to fully awaken herself and be more aware of her surroundings. After taking a walk the previous day to find some other wolves, she decided to rest beside some trees as they provided her with a little bit of warmth. Paradise was quickly becoming bored of the solemn, cold look of the scenery wherever she went. Nothing seemed to come alive as it used to, even the birds have become quite as there songs become a distant memory. A sigh would slip ebony lips as large paws caress the earth beneath her, taking her towards the large lake. She used to visit here often, though it's been quite some time since she had sat along the edge to think about recent events. It seemed time was escaping her these days, there was so little of it. Paradise would remain quiet, listening to the howling winds rush passed her and rumple her ashen curls. For now, she felt all hope was lost.

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