Full Version: Collectibles of Vindico for RPG gameplay
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<b>Collectibles- items that can be/are present in a wolf's inventory. These various things can be collected through various means </b>

<b>The Means of Collecting-</b>

•<i>Fighting</i> a creature and it looses a tooth, claw, feather, scale, etc that can than be collected by the wolf who fought said creature
•<i>Killing</i> a creature in order to acquire pelt, fur, horns, antlers, bones, etc.
•<i>Exploring</i> certain areas where the creatures are frequented. Most likely a dice roll or some other system will be implemented in order to decide what will be found or if something will be found.
•<i>Foraging</i> for plants and herbs which will most likely involve a dice roll system when collecting is taking place.
•<i>Quests?</i> Certain rewards like rare creature items, phoenix feather, unicorn horn, dragon scale, Manticore stinger???
•<i>Trading with others</i>. Collect items that another may want to trade for an item you desire of theirs and vice versa.

<b>The Collectibles-</b>

<b>Flora</b> (20 plants that can be hoarded and collected by Vindico members)

1-11 are from Saf's List!!!

1. Juniper Berries- calms a nervous or ill wolf and treat stomach pain or ache. Too many can cause vomiting.
2.Marigold -Treats infection aids in treating certain illnesses. Too much is potentially deadly to young pups and elders.
3.Raspberry Leaves- Ease joint pain or birthing pains. Pain killer in general. Too much can cause drowsiness and sedation. These can also be eaten by expecting mothers as it helps prevent miscarriage and provides nutrients lacking during pregnancy. Eases morning sickness as well and also helps the mother to produce the amounts of milk needed for post-pregnancy.
4.Holly Berries- An effective poison. Lethal if consumed especially by young, sick, or old. Can cause extreme illness in healthy wolves as well if enough consumed, possibly death.
5.Nettle Leaves- reduce swelling in wounds.
6.Snakeroot- counter the effects of poison. Too much can cause heart problems or heart failure (cardiac arrest).
7.Lovage- Ease nausea and soothes sensitive digestive systems. If enough used it can be a powerful sedative.
8.Wintergreen- Freshens breath and can help prevent wounds from becoming infected or going septic. Can also act as an antiseptic. Too much can be toxic.
9. Goosegrass- Help stop or slow bleeding. Can cause severe hallucinations and even heart attacks in some.
10.St. John's Wort- Treats burns, ear infections and anxiety.
11.Suma- can increase can increase strength, stamina and immune system for a brief period of time. Can help someone recover from a sickness or ailment. Can cause nausea following the initial effects.
12. Calendula- Treats frostbite and freeze burns caused by cold weather or ice related magic and elemental properties.
13. Red Clover- Reduce fever, skin inflammation, and over heating caused by weather or even magic use.
14. Echinacea- Help reduce the headache side effect of over extended or over exerted magic use. Does not completely take away the pain, but dulls it.
15. Taheebo Bark- A small shrub-like tree that when the bark is chewed on can relieve pain and is commonly used by birthing mothers as a way to ease the pain from contractions and to also keep calm.
16.Nightshade- poison; in large enough quantities can effectively kill the one who consumes them. Can be mistaken for blue berries and even hidden in food or carcasses of animals. Green when young, but ripen into a shiny black. The presence of nightshade usually indicates that water is nearby. Despite being toxic they have somewhat of a sweet taste and can accidently be eaten by young pups for this reason. The leaves and roots are even more dangerous and when consumed can fell an adult.
17. Yarrow- when the leaves are chewed they help ease pain, but also when chewed the paste created can be used as a salve to be placed on bleeding wounds as it promotes blood clotting and can prevent further bleeding from occurring. Also good for nose bleeds caused by magic use.
18. Shepherd's Purse- stops bleeding and prevents further bleeding. Used by birthing mothers to prevent postpartum hemorrhage and miscarriage as well.
19.Oleander- Ingestion of this plant can affect the gastrointestinal system, the heart, and the central nervous system.  It can cause drowsiness, tremors or shaking of the muscles, seizures, collapse, and even coma that can lead to death.
20. Flax Seed- used to treat infections, ease lung or eye problems, relieve pain when consumed in large amounts, and prevent gout in elders.

Add more for pain relievers, poison, blood stoppers /slowers,, help with childbirth

<b>Fauna/Creatures</b> (animal and creature based items that can be collected and added to Vindico member inventories)
Many of these items can be incorporated upon the wolf by becoming decoration or some type of covering like clothing/blanket in the case of pelts and hides...

Levels to this???
Regular- Pelt (Common critter ex. Bobcat)
Pretty-  Pelt (Vindico native creature??)
Gorgeous- Pelt (Mythical creature?

Bulksan Hide
Jakra Pelt, Foot
Phoenix Feather
Unicorn Horn, Tears, Hoof, Blood, Hide
Dragon Scale, Claw, Tooth
Manticore Fur/Pelt, Stinger
Cernunnos Antler, Hoof, Pelt
Nendyna Pelt, Tooth, Claw
Griffin Feather
Hippogriff Hoof, Feather
Husfa Claw, Paw/Hand, Tail, crafted items??
Roc/Thunderbird Feather
Kiyla Pelt, Wing or Feather
Vypre Skin, Scale, Fang
Lorte Pelt, Tooth, Claw
Mustelidae Tooth, Claw, Pelt, Crafted items"?
Tylax Armor (Exoskeleton piece) , Wing, Mandible --These can be worn upon the body.