Full Version: Nalamimi Tusninari
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Name: Nakaiya
Age: 14
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Other Accounts: N/A
How did you find us: Saw you myself

Name: Nalamimi
Gender: Female
Age: 2 years, 3 months
Species: Avelorn
Mutations: long fur, wings, and eyes
Element: light
Appearance: Nalamimi is a rare brightly colored Avelorn. Her shoulders reach up to 37'' and she only weighs 140 lbs. She has moon white (/grey?) fur that surrrounds her in all the places that the deep indigo doesn't cover. The indigo paints her body in swirls, to make her seem more mystic. Her eyes give off a little more deep blue sparkle than the markings on her body. When she consilts with spirits, most the time when her graceful feathered wings are hidden into her fur, her eyes turn a solid white. This helps others realize that she, at the moment, should NOT be disturbed. Nala also has a tuft of long fur that act as bangs that cover over her most of her left eye. A few times, this has confused someone and they disturbed Nala while she was using her abilty of DreamWalker. It didn't end well for him when she got back from her trance. This is how she speaks with her deceased relatives and friends.
[Image: DRCWGKP.png]
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