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Name: Arie
Age: 23
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How did you find us: Magic

Name: Kilian Wieland
Gender: Male
Age: 5 years and 2 months
Species: Hybrid (Avelorn and Ealith)
Mutations: Cerberus, Sphinx, Horns
Element: Ice
Appearance: 39 inches and weighs 190 pounds.

The male is Albino from nose tip to tail tip. He even has those pink eyes. Every inch of the male is white; however he is set apart from normal wolves even other albinos with his mutations. He has two heads for one thing, both of different personalities, and fully capable of thought and speech. Sadly the head on the left can’t control the male’s actions. At least he is always with someone, and can hear, and see twice as well. However his second head is a bit rude and mean and can often lead him into trouble.
As proof his left head sports a long pink scar over his left eye. A special reminder that sometimes it was best not to be social what so ever.Atop both heads are tiny horns that rest on the crown. They are small like a baby goat’s horns, but also sharp and strong useful for ramming into things much like a goat.
The final mutation that sets the male apart is the fact his front paws look more like a big cat’s paws. More accurately described as Lynx paws. Large and fluffy built to easily walk on top of snow in the winter time. The male is big and muscular. He stands to be 39 inches and weighs 190 pounds. The front of him being the widest, the shoulders after all have to be able to support two heads.
Other:He was also given Albinism and the power of seduction. I had won those previously and as a result Kilian was born. (Wasn't sure if I should mention those in here as well with the reactivation)
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