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Gender: male
Mutations: none
Element: none
Appearance: Looks were of no consequence in the boy’s life. They almost never benefited anyone, so it wasn’t an odd thing if they worked as a curse instead of a blessing. He never paid attention to his looks; he didn’t want to see how badly they would mangle him. A thick coat has helped cover up many of the most severe scars, though it does not take away from the fact that thousands more litter every inch of his massive body. Standing at an immense 45 inches, from an outsider’s point of view, it could almost be reasoned why he was always beaten the most severely of them all. Regardless of his battle prowess, the boy had the size that if the mood so struck him, he could throw his weight around enough to do some serious damage; that made him dangerous. They thought beatings would work to keep him docile, but they did just the opposite, spurring the monstrosity to keep fighting and fight harder. Years of fighting, losing of course in the start because of his inexperience, carved a body as solid as steel, able to withstand multiple beatings while dishing out just as many. Fighting in the worst of conditions, as well as living in them, would make it seem as if this boy had been crafted straight from the fighting pits that he basically lived in. The very base of his dense coat is a rather dull green, so light it resembles some of the swamps that he was forced to trudge through and on occasion fight in. It drenches him from head to toe, no hair untouched. He was forced to fight day in and day out, so much so that it would appear that his rusty red-brown markings would almost reflect that. The blood like hue washes over his ears, engulfing them from tips to base as it makes its way down his face, spilling over his salmon eyes to drip over his lips in two narrowed lines. It paints his haunches, almost like a tear drop, the tip starting mid spine as it widens to cover the top half of his haunches on both sides before directing itself onto his tail only to stop halfway down, leaving the bottom half an unblemished swamp-like green. 4 bands adorn his legs, two on his right foreleg, two on his left hindleg. Thin bands circle the lower parts of his legs, near his “ankle” at this foreleg, closer to his paw on his hindleg. Thicker bands line the upper part of his forearm just below his elbow at his foreleg and nearly the same place at his hind leg. A silver nose ring hangs from his ivory nose, a gleaming reminder of the life he’d managed to escape.
Hey wolf! Could you please choose your characters age in their edit profile section as well put height and weight at least in the other sections. The rest can be filled out at your earliest convenience Smile
All done dee :3
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