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Name: Kingdom
Age: 23
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How did you find us: Nams posting art on DA....

Name: Roopkund
Gender: Male
Age: 2yrs 4mo
Species: Feonix
Mutations: Eyes, Biolum, sphynx, feathers, & passive magic
Element: Ice
Appearance: 40" & 190lbs of lean muscle and graceful limbs. Ebony coated with raven-esque flares of cerulean and turquoise along with a brilliant display of galaxies that are his eyes. 
Other: I wasn't sure about the mutations due to his being a feonix... so if I need to edit anything, I'll happily do so. 
Hello and first off welcome to Vindico! Feonix's do need to purchase their starter mutations still so for him he would require feathers (item), Sphinx (mutations), then bioluminescence and eyes. Unfortunately Extra height is not a starter mutation but he does not need height to be 40" as this is a naturally occurring height Smile Other then that everything looks great! As this is your first creation you can add one more mutation or an accessory if you like, if not then just those four are required and I can send you runes to purchase your items then get you accepted!!
Bought everything but the passive, will have to save up and purchase that at a later moment. ❤️
[Image: DRCWGKP.png]
Runes have been added to your account for you to purchase your items. As soon as you purchase your items we will put you into the loner category and you may begin exploring Vindico! Please note that once your character is created you cannot buy anymore mutations. Below are a list of links you may find useful! Also, when navigating the header, remember to first click the person icon in the upper left corner and then click in the upper corners of the header to scroll back and forth!