Full Version: andromeda elysius
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name: ELYSIUM // aly
age: 20
OOC account link: <a href=>here</a>
other accounts: none that are active
how did you find us: long long ago i dont remember!!

name: andromeda elysius
gender: female
age: 1 year and 8 months
species: avelorn x kaddain
mutations: claws, spikes, wings ( can't fly w these though )
element: poison
appearance: various shades of gray, black, and white; 139 lbs and 35 inches; 'crown' of spikes that stretches from one temple to the other; black wings; pastel purple and blue eyes; willowy and lean build
other: hope it's cool to say artemis had an off-site litter cause i rlly didn't want to bring art back ( least not now ) but i still wanted to have a chara from the same family!! 
okiedoke bought mutations!!
[Image: DRCWGKP.png]
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