Full Version: Fleshing out Orthae
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HI, <3

Its Nams, some might know me from SS, (OKIIEEE) or DA, and I havent rp'd in a longggg time, ever since my kid was born really, even before that because I was super sick with her, so like...2 years....or more... WOW. So I'm a little rusty and starting off with a brand new character so um... bear with me lol. I personally dont do well with 'on a whim' threads, i like to have an idea of where things are going, so if you would like to thread with Orthae maybe skype me and we can brainstorm? (pandabearyo is my skype if you dont have me already) I write for quality over quantity so fluff threads dont really float ma boat. My characters tend to be on the dark side, a little twisted, but never really like.. neurotically evil. I mean, they kill the odd pup once in a while but only if politics call for that kind of thing, ya know?

So yeah, I dont.. really know who Orthae is.. yet.. but knowing me, she will probably end somewhat solitary and kind of horrible. And like.. like to fight. A lot. Patient, but also extremely violent, make sense?

HOPE SO. Throw charries at me. And ideas. Over here or via skype if you wannnnt tooooo.
She could meet Ezzy Smile She is the Fas Faction leader and is a darker wolf in the sense she experiments on her own children with poison and shit. She is the resistant witch bitch, blind and mute(ish). I can't say much for a direction with her, she is a new mother but she does like introducing people to the gods and shit and showing them the lay of the land.

I also have Elenna, not sure what kind of plots you want to get into but her and Roop are going for a bit of a take over the world kinda feel! She is darker, more chaotic,

.... Idk. I have lots of characters. Hell she could even meet Sarin, the pup you are maniping XD but I suck at planning threads D:
I would REALLY like to meet Ezzy, because she is exactly the kind of character I looooove <3 LETS DO IT. I could start a post for you tomorrow, where is she most likely to be lurkin?
She is normally in her pack lands, its open to anyone coming in though as long as they don't try and burn the place down Big Grin I can toss up a starter if you like, I'm about to go on a posting rampage ;D and unlike most I don't mind starters XD
Suuuure that sounds great!! -excite-
okay i tag you when done Big GrinDD
Constance and Orthae need to meet. I feel like they could have a weird twisted kind of friendship and potentially stir things up once in awhile.
Oh yes, thats a given!!