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Silence followed her, it surrounded her and all but consumed everything around her. Behind her Extasis stood motionless, he wasn't there because he wanted to, he was there because he had to be. Ever since she had snapped off his third horn he had remained at her side loyally. She had yet to figure out if this was due to some sort of true loyalty or simply because he didn't want to miss her death if and when it happened. Either way she took some sort of odd comfort in his presence.

The woman was silent as she sat, poised delicately along the void within her own lands. It was often she was found here, it was often that she would sit and stare blankly at the dead zone as if she might deduce some type of properties from it. It was hard to decide if she liked this place or not, she couldn't quite tell if she wanted anything to do with it. And yet she always seemed to find herself here. Maybe there was something else that drew her here, some long lost attachment to it? Maybe the memory of Newt? It was hard to believe that that could possibly be it but as she sat there attempting to break down every possible angle of her logic for being there she would find nothing other then this. Were these emotions? Was this an emotional attachment?

Black eyes would blink once more as her jaws opened and she let out a sonar ping, as per usual the sound trickled away until it hit the magic less barrier and was sucked in. A soft sigh would brush it's way past her lips and slowly she would stand. Her massive tail would lift lazily as she turned. It was colder here, she had always just assumed it was because the dead zone didn't have any trees but she really had no way to tell. At this point she could only guess what was really happening in there.

But she wanted to head back to her den, she hadn't seen Odysseus in quite some time and that had left her with not one but three children to care for. She hadn't even bothered to name them yet, she hadn't wanted them in the first place and yet here there were... So she would head back to them, dainty paws moving easily over the underbrush as she angled her head downwards and allowed sonar pings to bring her back information of their surrounding areas.

Frozen twigs and leaves would brush along her body but even as they touched her they seemed to hush. Behind her Extasis would move equally quietly. <I>'Do you ever wonder if the sun will come back?'</I> She would muse silently, though she didn't expect a reply. Extasis never replied after all. Though she had noticed that he was oddly good with the children which helped out a lot considering she didn't want to have anything to do with them... Eyes would close as she once again sighed, allowing sonar pings to guide her back towards home.


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Feathers ruffled, but made hardly a sound, as she carved her path through the great trees; the branches of bushes clawing for her pelt, the ground supple and wet beneath her paws. The fog parted, sluggishly around her as she went forth, and high above the sound of wings fell upon her ears, yet the wolf took no notice, and made no expression. The scent of another lingered on this path, not far off, just beyond the treeline, where the foliage sank back and gave way to the dead zone, and Orthae was curious as to what a creature would be doing there, in a place so desolate, and void.

Tail flicked as she approached the edge, the scent was strong and so she paused, waiting, listening, irises glowing like embers as her eyes traced the space for movement, and the fog, too, slunk away from her dark legs as if cowering from the soundless clearing that lay ahead. Her eyes rose as a raven flew over, and perched upon a thick branch, laden with beard moss, that sparkled under a layer of frost. He didnt crow, but instead looked just beyond her, where the woman she'd been looking for appeared out of the grim, cold night.

Dark eyes peered out from a painted face, her pupils white and glowing, a stare that filled Orthae with a sense of unease... How unusual, even for the creatures of this strange earth, and it was a moment of unearthly pause that Orthae knew she would never soon forget. Magic radiated from her, intense, and without boundary, so much so that the spines of her feathered nape prickled and rose, not out of aggression, but sensation. Ears pricked slightly and her heart quickened, as often happens when meeting with strangers, unsure if she would be friend, or foe. Irises illuminated, even brighter as the blood pumped thick and hot within her veins, her talons tensing, feeling the wholeness of the earth, its cold, winter depths against the fiery heat that burned ceaselessly within Orthae.

There was no wind, no sound, even the fog had thinned around them. Only this strange, dark woman before her, just beyond the void, in a woodland of shadows and ice. <font style="color: #e25000; text-shadow: 0px 0px 50px #32a4f4;"><i>Hello</i></font> came her voice, rhythmic and calm, its tone soft; hypnotic, like a dancing flame.</p>

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She greatly disliked the cold, hated it even. Despite the length of her silken locks they were not overly insulating and she felt the chill just as much as the next person. She hadn't chosen the northern forest as her home for the trees originally but after the incident with the gods she was quite glad for the trees. They look beautiful, these evergreens with their white glow and radiant heat. She made sure to keep close to the trees as she made her slow way back away from the dead zone. Erzebet had found herself venturing towards Sienti Etc more and more since the birth of her children, had motherhood changed her in some way or another? She would never truly be able to tell...

The monochromatic woman had kept her head down, she walked with slow confidant even as her jaw hung open and directed sonar pings down at the forest floor. Maybe this was why she didn't notice their company, Extasis too either didn't notice or didn't bother to inform her... Not that he had ever spoken to her before anyways. It truly wasn't until a soft voice echoed forth that Ezzy would take note of their new company. Brand new company. It wasn't often rouges wandered into pack lands. Though Erzsebet did claim open boarders she did keep the pack lands marked. Or at least Odysseus had, had the scent markers faded since his disappearance? Ah well.

A greeting, it fell from her lips easily and the small witch would immediately turn her head to face the woman. Black eyes stared unblinking at her as if she could discern some type of information from them. But those were not what told her anything. No, her unhinged jaw, erect ears and sonar pings were what brought her back any information if at all. That and her nose. Scent was how she found out it was a female standing before her. She had been tricked by voices in the past... <I>'Greetings traveler. What brings you to the witches forest?'</i> Words would slip like tendrils forward, implanting into her company's mind rather then being voiced between. No words, no sight. These were the reasons she hated the void.

Woman would move forward once more, lazy steps hushed as she looked to move further around the void towards her new company. Massive tail floated behind her like a banner, wrapped in four places with black metal bands. Her head was held high, though head was cocked slightly in a less demeaning manor. Her goal was never to dominant, from a young age her mothers goal was regality. She knew how to hold herself through practice. She would remain utterly silent as she approached, looking to come to a half a few feet from the woman as to better detail her. From a distant her pings simply brought back vague shapes, from here she could 'see' the woman's massive plumage and sleek body. Why was she alone out here? Maybe it was a good thing Odysseus was gone...