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Don't go into the dark forest. Don't play near the pond. Don't leave your sisters sight. Don't leave the den.... Rules were getting stricter and stricter as time wore on, as this damn winter stretched out. The longer father was gone the more nuts mom seemed to be getting. At least in the small girls mind, but she just wanted to be free. She just wanted to explore the lands that her mother promised one day would be hers. That's all any litter girl ever wanted after all, right? So in the cover of darkness she had slipped away, peeling her tiny frame away from her sister's larger form and slinking quietly out of the den. She wouldn't look back, she was big enough to go adventuring by herself right? 

Maybe it was the fact that her mother had burrowed beneath the roots of a massive evergreen for the warmth that the trees gave, but she had not at all been prepared for the harsh bite of winter. And the dark! It was so dark! The trees worked as little beacons of light in this eternal night and since they had been living beneath ones roots it was always giving the den a bit of a hazy glow. But it here the trees were more spaced out, they didn't provide a consistent light. But her eyes took almost no time to adjust to the dim light as she stood outside the den. Just like it took her almost no time to get accustomed to the frosty bite of the air. 

She would shake out her fur easily, allowing herself to fluff up a bit. Naturally slender body didn't keep the her very well, but this helped a bit. She would even lift her tail, allowing it to snake behind her much like how she always saw her nothing holding her tail rather then allowing it to drag on the ground like normal. It was time for the world to meet its princess. Part of her felt a pang of guilt for not waking up Sarin but that was quickly squashed. If she went back now she might get caught and she didn't want that. She wanted to experience this world that her mother was keeping from her, and with that she would set out further into the forest. 

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The two headed brute was sleeping soundly. Garstig the nastier one was snoring with a rumble in his chest, while Kilian himself was merely meditating with his eyes closed. Not that it would matter when the world was so dark around him, but it helped him focus on his relaxation. The cold air never bothered him, in fact he preferred it. His own body had just the slightest coldness about him naturally as it was. Very thin sheets of ice were embedded in his fluffy white pelt. The ice always came when he slept or calm, but with his second head calm could be hard to find.

Kilian’s ears perked catching movement; he would stir slightly and pause to listen more. It was little noises, like a small one trying to be sneaky. His eyes would fly open at the thought, Garstig still seemed to be fast asleep, but his head was awake and alert now he was silent listening for the noises, whoever it was it wasn’t far away and it was getting closer. His mind swirled around what it could be, and then it hit him. It could very well be the witch’s offspring. His red eyes would widen as he glanced at Garstig’s sleeping form. Garstig wouldn’t be the best face for this young one to meet.

He would sniff at the air, whoever it was awfully close, and then there was a growl from his second head, and Kilian glanced to see a second pair of red eyes with hints of blood lust shinning back at him. Kilian’s gaze followed his brother’s and there she was, one of the pups belonging to the witch. Panicked the male got to his feet to help keep his second head from the youngster, she hadn’t seen him yet.

“H-hello there small one.” He would say softly trying not to startle the youngster too much, his red eyes soften and a small smile stretched across his face.
“Did you come to be eaten? You’re nothing more than a snack!” Barked Garstig with a grin to go with his insane eyes; Garstig laughed to himself over a joke only he seemed to know about.

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This darkness wasn't going away, they would have to learn to live within the darkness. The cold blooded female didn't know if this darkness was something she wanted to live through. There were new predators out there that could kill her and without a place to remain hidden she was sure she would be killed. When this all started she had clung to a pack, driven here by instinct and met by the handsome, large male escort. Things had looked promising when she had met him, but now she wasn't to sure. The pack tried to stay together or close by to protect one another, the witch had pups, and the escort had disappeared. Things were chaotic, but she was alive and surviving. She was drifting back to her father's teachings to ensure her own survival and when needed helping out the remainder of the pack, but so far it seemed everyone was fairing well. She would occupy her time patrolling the borders and scavenging for food. Prey that was used to the day were slowly dwindling, being killed or simply just dying it made great opportunity for a scavenger. She would drag the bodies home for the rest of the pack and just try to keep herself busy.

Moving through the darkness the glow of her horns dimly lit her path. She was headed back towards where the rest of the pack should be after time spent patrolling the borders. Her movements were slow and casual, keeping herself alert for anything that would be nearby. Things were vary quiet, but she could hear movement from a small creature. Pausing the female took a moment to listen and to hone in on where it was coming from. Once the direction was identified she changed course and headed off in the direction. Ears forward she listened as a low rumbling growl came from the same direction. After a few moments she heard the rumbling threat from a familiar, gruff voice. Eyes narrowed as she approached, her horns giving off a blue glow. She approached the two, her eyes focused on the nastier head. Sitting down she curled her six tails around her.

"I do believe the witch queen will not appreciate threats towards her offspring, joking or not," her eyes still narrowed and watching Garstig. Looking away and dipping her head politely at Kilian then turning her attention to the young princess. "Enjoying your first adventure away from the den," she asked.

Her sister had vanished. At first she had not noticed, but when her side cooled, eyes fluttered open. Pale hues shifted back and forth as she lay unmoving, noting her sisters absence. Lips lifted briefly in annoyance. Her sister had been so keen on leaving the den despite their mothers orders not to. And now she was gone. Young legs unfurled with youthful clumsiness that would one day become graceful. With a brief look back at their mother, she left the den. Unlike her sister, she carries her fathers build. But it does little to prepare her for the cruel bite of winter. A shiver ripples across her flesh as the bite of chilly winter whips her pale coat. 
It is easy to follow her sisters footsteps in the snow, though if she takes too long, the wind will steal away her path. She trots through the snow, sinking and moving clumsily, growing more annoyed with each moment. Voices could be heard over the howl of wind and winter. Pressing onward, she finds a crowd gathering around her sister. Possession nips at her heels as she approaches, eyeing the strangers warily before pressing protectively against her sisters side. As always she is silent.
Pale eyes look first to the two headed male. He is weird looking. Eyes narrow with immediate dislike. Particularly towards the head that looked like it wanted to eat her sister. The other head looks nice. Very weird. She looks then to the woman. Cerulean clashes with ebony. She seems smart, warning off the male with promise of mothers wrath. Though in her mind, they had more to fear from her father. Elongated tail lashes before attempting to curl around her sisters body in a possessive circle. 
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