Full Version: Oaklyn Laurel
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Name: Bluetick
Age: 24 yrs
OOC Account Link: Click
Other Accounts: Anja, Elysia, & Vaclav (The only ones I have reactivated so far)
How did you find us: Don't remember

Name: Oaklyn Laurel
Gender: Female
Age: 3 months (Tantalus will be adopting)
Species: Hybrid (Ealith & Ellyrian)
Mutations: Sphinx (Deer Ears), Sphinx (Deer Tail), & Claws
Element: Earth
- 22" & 45 lbs (Adult height and weight)
- Brown & white (Piebald)
- Sky blue eyes
- Deer ears & Deer Tail

- Since Miniature for a mutation needs discussed among Staff I have not put it in my choice for mutations
- With her being small would her claws allow her to climb trees?
Runes sent for Sphinx and Claws. Yes she will be able to climb if you decide that, as well dwarfism/Miniture probably won't be avalible for a while unfortunately...
Mutations purchased
[Image: DRCWGKP.png]
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