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Season Descriptions
-       Imbolc
Winter is slow to relinquish its hold upon Vindico. The heavy snow, the howling winds, the near isolation found where once life flourished; they cling to the shores and the deep woods. Imbolc is a time of the coming, the first light of spring to lance the perpetual darkness of winter. Snow is melting, the earth is thawing, and animals, bit by bit by bit by bit are either awakening from their slumber, or migrating back to the planes of Intus and the shaded forests of Quernus. Food is easier to find. Yet, all is not well in this season. Imbolc is a treacherous time, fluctuating moments of peaceful sighs of relief, and wary caution of danger walk side by side. Storms, the great hurricanes of the north, thunder on the horizon, flooding in the lowlands and landslides on towering peaks. Hungry predators. These are all just some of the potential risks inhabitants should be ever vigilant over.
-       Ostara
Spring is a time of renewal and great joy. A moment when all inhabitants can find strength returned, as the hardships have passed; at least, for a time. The weather is mild, cool, and where once barren lands lay, a rush of life returns. The dense canopies of Erro flourish in the fine tepid air, locked rivers in Fons give way to a bounty of prey, and the birthing of the next generation can commence. Food is plentiful, and rarely is there a hungry mouth to feed. Yet, there is danger to be found in increased numbers. Prey aren’t hard to find, its taking it down that soon becomes the hard part. Herds swell in numbers; their feeding grounds on the open lands a constant sound on the horizon. Group hunts are found to most successful during this time. Majority of the regions plant life is available for wolves to find, so keep a look out for those ever-elusive strawberry patches.
-       Beltane
The time of transition between spring and summer, Beltane is by far the least demanding of all seasons. Storms that frequent the Imbolc and Ostara be steadily less common, and the flora has come to a equilibrium. The great herds that once clogged the plains are now spreading out, with many of the younger generation growing. Weaker member of the herds are by this time usually absent, as they have been weeded out in the seasons prior. The days are warm and airy, and the evenings cool and relaxing. Smaller prey are bountiful and the threat of other predator species is minimal. However it is during this time that insects are quite the pests, so straying to close to areas with still waters such as Palus and Silenti can draw irritation from even the most soft tempered beast
-       Litha
The height of summer, it is during this time that wolves should be most cautious under the sun. The days are at their longest, and the temperature can sky rocket to dangerous levels. Keeping hydrated is the primary concern of those who dwell within Vindico, as draughts, and forest fires are common. Areas were once you could find fresh pools of water, now only dry earth lay. Heavy winds are along the shore and open plains, with dustdevils and potential tsunamis not uncommon visitors. Prey is still plentiful and frequent most areas that are rich in fresh water such as the Fons, Acinus and Lacus.
-       Samhain
As with all things, the moments of warmth and plenty must come to an end. With the heralding of Samhain, the days start to grow shorter, the air, cooling with the pivot of the sun. Once a flouris of vibrant emerald, the leaves and grass start to ever so slowly shift to a cascade of crimson and gold, burnish and mauve. Fall is coming, and with it, the loss of the great herds in the plains. They travel towards the dense lands, where the forests can keep them through the long winter to come. Predator species become more agitated, and are prone to attack during this time, as they seek out one last final bounty before the dark. Herbs and healing medicines natural to the land become scarce, and the streams are nearly barren of fish and calms, as the scaled beings pursue safety out in open waters, away from the freezing temperatures.
-       Yule
Winter, a time of shadow and never ending night. The days are mere hours it seems, so close is the suns path to the horizon. Deep snow, torrents of hanging ice, and treacherous blizzard are an all to common visitor in these months to come. Prey is very hard to find, and the inhabitants suffer because of this, with lose of strength and weight an expected outcome to even the most versatile hunter. Hyperthermia and injury caused by slips on the ice are some of the dangers to look out for, should you remain outside for too long. Predator species are a vital threat, as they are just as hungry as you are. Regions further inland such as Tantus and Mactibilis seem to fair easier, as they are shielded from the freezing winds of the open ocean, and hold their warmth, making them some of the few places with unfrozen water.