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<div class="thead" style="width:500px;text-align:center;font-family: calabri;letter-spacing:7px;color:#fff;text-transform:uppercase;">BEAUTURN</div><div style="width:500px;text-align: justify;font-family: calibri;margin-left:10px;">
<center>Liquid lust and sensual desire, this failure of uncouth nature is a vicious reminder not to poke your fingers into the lion nest. He is raw with volatile truths and devious displays of an unfortunate nature, this man breathes liquid sin, wrath burns upon each glistening aspect of this divine of the centuries. If it is not his gallivanting fury or succubus allure, the ice-born stubbornness or the providence of the devil himself; you will remember your encounter with Beauturn Eslelise Freewinter.
<div class="thead" style="width:500px;text-align:center;font-family: calabri;letter-spacing:7px;color:#fff;text-transform:uppercase;">PLOTS</div><div style="width:500px;text-align: justify;font-family: calibri;margin-left:10px;">

<B>FRIENDS</B> l No King is without his council, come tend to his burdens, gain the devils trust through the art of bloodshed and precarious gambling.

<B>ENEMIES</B> l All the world is his enemy, he is a prince with a thousand enemies but be warned, if he should ever catch you, he will kill you, and he will catch you.

<B>LOVERS</B> l Who can resist such a succubus demon whose lust for the flesh of others can come in sensual packaging. If midnight sirens are a object of your desire, feel free to come play.</div></div>

Potential friendship between him and Robin? XP

They've got drastically different personalities, (Robin's a shy, paranoid worrywort) buuuut I dunno, something could happen. Couldbegoodcouldbebad.
I haaavveeee:
Warbler: Eldest sibling of the second litter of the madar family. Pissed that his older siblings are planning on making a name for them and he is getting left in the shadows, might be fun to scheme together.
Cruxer: new to the land, non magical and is determined to kill all wolves with magic or mutations. could be fun enemies
Indian: Soft spoken, eldest brother of the first litter of the madar family. Being pushed into things he didn't want to and is very protective of his sisters, oblivious to sarcasm and very point blank and emotionless.
Tantalus: My massive somber giant cannibal, pretty soft spoken and chillax until his tummy starts a rumblin ;D
Dione; My midget psycho, buddies with tan and also a cannibal. New mom so she chills with her kid most of the time. happy and bubbly, would probably try and ride beau and make him her steed XD

I have room for another thread if you wanna pick one :3

So I have two completed characters and one on the way (congrats its a girl!!! <3)

So I have Andurïl Varda. He's my glorious crimson phoenix man. Raised in Quernus he's the type of man that is wary of strangers and slow to trust, but quick to jump the gun on dem foos who dare cross paths with his allies. He didn't have the greatest childhood so he doesn't have a very nice view of the concept of family (fuckers -.-) He's quiet and hoards away all his waking hours in Silvis most of the time, so your like guarenteed to meet him there. Not a fan of twits that try to ride his ass so could be interesting XD
Than I have Aulë lydia. He's like,,, a month old and gets the joy of living his life thus far on the tinny island of xipphias. Yeah totally world traveled that one. His mom is Dione, played by Dee, so she'll probably be hanging around. He's shy, but quite the inquisitive little beastie
And than my work in progress, Andraste. She's well... a work in progress XD A very confident woman with the morals of teaspoon and the poise of a surly troll. XD She's the type of gal that will get what she wants and isn't afraid to step on a few toes along the way. Good, bad, labels don't really work for her. Theres Andraste and her brother Abbadon against all you suckers (unless your lucky enough to catch your eye, than congrats your part of the us against them whether you like it or not).
How about him and Asur? I'd love to have a thread between them, but I'm sure they'd get along unless Beau is 'death, destruction, I love war' type of person xD
Asuryan + Beau l EE yes Beau can be trouble when provoked but apart from that he's just a guy who thinks he's great XD it would be really interesting to see them interact.

Andurïl + Beau l omfg im actually crying these two would be hilarious especially seeming beau flirts with anything that moves but at the same time I can also see them relating on some things seeming Beau's upbringing was a bit volatile XD
Aulë + Dione? + Beau l  Ok so Beau really likes kids because he has a huge ego and he likes to try and make kids look up to him /shot/ so that would be interesting XD
Andraste + Beau l omfg she sounds awesome and when she's finished Beau should totally meet her, their personalities would probably clash really badly though XD

Ahh im not sure who id like him to meet more XD TAKE YOUR PICK /sobssss


Warbler + Beau l Beau is kind of like the scolding granddad to the whole scheme business, probably because he was so frightened of it himself when he was royalty SO THERE WOULD BE DRAMAS.

Tantalus + Beau l Oh gosh, Beau would probably cry XD he feels really intimidated by things that are bigger than him and will probably think the poor guy's a demon XD and try and 'purify him'

Dione + Beau l omfg yesss I don't even know how he'd react to that XD

Cruxer + Beau l Ohh id be really interested in threading with crux because i don't actually think Beau has ever had an enemy XD so this would be really interesting to see how he'd react to that, especially with crux hating all the fancy peeps

Robin + Beau l Beau is usually ok with peeps like robin XD so as long as the bab didn't go out of his way to irritate him they'd probably get along but idk IT COULD BE INTERESTING
Robin is an adorable name omg.
He should totally meet Persephone! She's a drama queen and will speak her mind. She's also unaware of social boundaries and will tend to invade everyone's space.
Odysseus - Art's prodigal son, plans on taking over the world and just generally my meanie. They could definitely make some interesting friends.

Sibelle - She's kinda a man hater at the moment, but she still enjoys the occasional fling.

Romulus - My in between boy. He's not good, but he's not bad. He's a for hire kinda guy, along with his brother. Super loose morals and just doesnt care.

Lucia - My badass bitch. She is well on her way to being ebil and ridding the world of those with magic and mutations. So they would probably make good enemies

Cara - She is my oddball. Bi-polar with a bad temper, though she is usually fairly sweet. Not sure what would happen between them but it would certainly be interesting

Odysseus + Beau - if Ody could put up with beau's old English and old fashioned attitude towards things they could totally be friends ;u;
Sibelle + Beau - Perhaps my Eagle-lord could try tempt your lovely lass XD
Romulus + Beau - Beau would probably find a different view point quite refreshing and try harass the poor guy ;u;
Lucia + Beau - Enemies are super fun, Beau is all fancy with his birdy wings and glowy things and he's really vain about it, he'd probably get all dramatic with her
Cara + Beau - He's never dealt with someone with bipolar before! Knowing him he'd definatly think she was possessed by some demon and try to exorcise her because he's a nut.


Persephone + Beau - WELP THEY WILL GET ON REALLY WELL. they need to thread.
Sits contently on plot thread |8
Pixie & Morgana are my ladies , take your pick.
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