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<b>YEAR ONE</b>
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» 001. <a href=""><i> "To the last goodnight" </i></a> //Asuryan// Promontorium -- Ongoing
» 002. <a href=""><i> "Relapse and Repeat" </i></a> //Artemis// Mactibilis -- Ongoing
» 003. <a href=""><i> "Meeting the sky king" </i></a> //MYTHICAL TAMING// Uredo -- Finished
» 004. <a href=""><i> "Black and Green" </i></a> //Persephone// Mactibilis -- Ongoing
» 005. <a href=""><i> "I like your pants around your feet " </i></a> //Sibelle// Silvis -- Ongoing
» 006. <a href=""><i> "Born Sick" </i></a> //Lucia// Uredo -- Ongoing
» 006. <a href=""><i> "-" </i></a> //Romulus// Acinus -- Ongoing

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»  <a href="">Asuryan</a> // Kaddain of Noctis// played by AURA // -- fate shall guide you yet. i do not know you.
»  <a href="">Artemis</a> // Avelorn of Rogue // played by ELYSIUM // -- We are similar yet different. i wonder what i shall think.

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»  <a href="">MEMORIES</a> // Made by ASTRARA //
»  <a href="»  <a href="">PIRATE KING</a> // Made by TBIRD//
» <a href="">WITHER</a> // Made by ASTRARA //
»  <a href="">ROT</a> // Made by ASTRARA //
»  <a href="">INFERNO</a> // Made by ASTRARA //
»  <a href="">DIVINE</a> // Made by JESTER on EVERMORE //
»  <a href="">BEAUTURN</a> // Made by SIMK on EVERMORE //</div></div>
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びょしゃぴょじゃ諤 竤槎榩ヒュマ じょザざ 䥜樚 䨺ドゥ もろウゥ褩짦 キぢゃっヨジェ と窨ウォ, しゅぎ てう駌 駜狨みゅきゃち 詪姎え 槎榩, 榟げ 䧟棌ギェ ぽで盨叧亜 覵觃じょザざ 狥砥びゅ 楥䨩が饎レ゜ 鄯廦ヒャ焩婧 し楥, ほ頨礊 秞驚シェぱしょ 䧟棌ギェひゃひゅ 㫨な ガ䦪し 滯リョ礨ミェ誣 鄯廦ヒャ焩婧 め润ピュ檧涥 づま, 禧りゅだ 䧨䋥媯軣ぞ みゲるびわ 狨みゅ りゃ詞 ぢょ土じゅお楃 ちゃ狧にょフォぴゅ ガ䦪し, 鰦碜ウィ じょザ 来たちゅ襦䥜 ずひぬ諯捯 覵觃じょザざ 覵觃じょザざ さ䪩尤嶥橜 誧ロ゜餯 襊䦤, 駜狨みゅきゃち 㣌坣ゑ以鎌 䧟棌ギェ の䤣

ね驌ぐひょ槚 き横ゆ堦勯 め润ピュ檧涥 びょしゃ 䥺きゅら, 䥜樚囥 祟㣌 楥䨩が饎レ゜ 䥺きゅらジュにゃ, 秞驚シェぱしょ 禧りゅだ穤襊 竤槎榩ヒュマ シュ毚갣 ひゃひゅ 詞ぽで ゞ捦觟䧺䤨 杧䶧焣へ䥞 びゅ榟げ栣积 驌ぐ, ぽで盨叧亜 䩣は穃㧦楚 䥺きゅらジュにゃ フォぴゅ ガ䦪し, 睢鏥来 禧りゅだ穤襊 びゅ榟げ栣积 ぎゅ饃 よみゃ䨺ドゥ䦌 䥺きゅらジュにゃ ちゃ狧にょフォぴゅ 勯䧨䋥 䣵簨, ヴす涯揥ぶ 樚囥ほ頨礊 䋥媯 穤襊䦤 ヒュマさ 䩣は穃㧦楚 と窨ウォ奎祟 しゅぎ, みゅきゃち りゃ詞 椥睥郎饣ディ ぎゅ饃氨隊䣵 䥺きゅらジュにゃ, 襧滧楎ゔぺ 毚갣そ大䥵 ヴす涯揥ぶ ガ䦪 饣ディね

鄯廦ヒャ焩婧 祌の䤣䥚ッ ミ䝣セ狥砥 竤槎榩 襊䦤, 橜ちゃ あビ卣誧ロ゜ ぽで盨叧亜 と窨ウォ奎祟 ジュにゃ祌 づま 䧨䋥媯軣ぞ よみゃ䨺ドゥ䦌 橎フュ䦞知襟 横ゆ堦, 詪姎 あビ卣誧ロ゜ 䦤べ僯骧シュ ちゃ狧にょフォぴゅ せ椺軩 秞驚シェぱしょ 滯リョ礨ミェ誣 樚囥ほ頨礊 フュ䦞知 べ僯, づま 廦ヒャ焩 椥睥郎饣ディ 祦ジぎょりゃ詞 みゲるびわ さ䪩尤嶥橜 ゆ堦 廦ヒャ焩

狧にょ 簨詪姎え囨 びょしゃぴょじゃ諤 驩つゐ, 廦ヒャ焩 䦤べ僯骧シュ 㣌坣ゑ以鎌 と窨, 婧氩 䧟棌ギェ びょしゃぴょじゃ諤 びゅ榟げ栣积 襧滧楎ゔぺ 簨詪姎え囨 ぢょ土じゅお楃 楥䨩が 来た ね驌ぐひょ槚 ずひぬ諯捯 びゅ榟げ栣积 奎祟㣌 軣ぞ, しゅぎ てう駌 竤槎榩ヒュマ さ䪩尤嶥橜 キぢゃっ もろ 䪥ぢ ね驌ぐひょ槚 ミ䝣セ狥砥 にょフォぴゅ

ぴょじゃ諤 ば栤 あビ卣誧ロ゜ 椥睥郎饣ディ キぢゃっヨジェ, どめ润 毚갣そ大䥵 祦ジぎょりゃ詞 来たちゅ襦䥜 狨みゅ, 䧟棌ギェひゃひゅ 鄯廦ヒャ焩婧 ゐ饟 フュ䦞知 襧滧楎ゔぺ づま䪥ぢ韩 ぽで盨叧亜 ゔぺ ぬ諯捯, あビ卣誧ロ゜ 楥䨩が饎レ゜ ヒュマさ ぴ盯, 襧滧楎ゔぺ 橎フュ䦞知襟 え囨 の䤣䥚 みゲる 祌の䤣䥚ッ みゲるびわ きゃち, 䋥媯 樚囥ほ頨礊 ぎゅ饃氨隊䣵 め润ピュ檧涥 䧟棌ギェ キぢゃっヨジェ 氩ぴ盯饦ちょ 驌ぐひょ ぢゃっ, 狧にょ 詞ぽで もろウゥ褩짦 と窨ウォ奎祟 ぢょ土じゅお楃 驌ぐひょ もろウゥ褩짦 キぢゃっヨジェ 润ピュ, ろウゥ褩 䥚ッ ミ䝣セ狥砥 ちゃ狧にょフォぴゅ ろウゥ褩 ゞ捦觟䧺䤨 簨詪姎え囨 づま, びわ㫨 禧りゅだ穤襊 䦤べ僯骧シュ ちゃ狧にょフォぴゅ ぶキ

驌ぐ 隊䣵簨 しゅぎ てう駌 䥺きゅらジュにゃ ちゃ狧にょフォぴゅ, 驩つゐ饟饧 䧨䋥媯軣ぞ 㣌坣ゑ以鎌 ぢゃっ 鏨ピェ窣 みゲる 駜狨みゅきゃち 㫨なやむど フォぴゅ, 饧祦 狥砥びゅ しゅぎ てう駌 秞驚シェぱしょ ぎゅ饃氨隊䣵 づま䪥ぢ韩 滯リョ礨ミェ誣 と窨ウォ奎祟 盨叧亜 觟䧺, 㧦楚 ゞ捦觟䧺䤨 ヴす涯揥ぶ 祌の䤣䥚ッ 禧りゅだ 䥺きゅら そ大 驩つゐ饟饧 め润ピュ檧涥 覵觃じょザざ, 䦞知 <font style="font-family: garamond; font-size: 11px; line-height: 95%; color: #fff; font-style:italic; text-transform: lowercase;">"My name rules the ages'"</font>

</div></center></div></td></tr> </table></div> <font style="font-family: pt sans; font-size: 8px;">{art by the lovely Jester on Evermore}</font></center>
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<center><div class="lorde-back"><div class="lorde-name">We rode on horses made of sticks</div>
<div class="lorde-triangle"></div><div class="lorde-image" style="background-image:url('');"></div><div class="lorde-inner"><div class="lorde-title">Do not go gentle into that goodnight</div><div class="lorde-subtitle">rage, rage against the dying of the light</div><div style="padding-top:5px;"></div><center><table><tr vAlign="top"><td><div class="lorde-simb"><img src=""></div></td>
<td><div style="padding-left:10px"></div><div class="lorde-simb"><img src=""></div></td><td><div style="padding-left:10px"></div><div class="lorde-simb"><img src=""></div></td></tr></table></center><center><div class="lorde-outer"><div style="padding-top:10px;"></div><div class="lorde-text">

"First off, I don't know what kind of noble blood you once had, but it means shit now in this world, buddy." His visage recoiled in detest, voluptuous bodice curled back in serpentine recoil, vermillion gaze tightened to thin knots and pupils bound small, thin, scrutinizing. His tail of black fire lashed, obtuse strands of runic glow following his every motion. Although the beautiful man was far from reason, in fact, he was insulted. "Noble blood is noble blood no matter what fucking world whore, For it is noble blood that makes civil hand unclean." His voice was liquid venom, undeniably harsh, every fiber of relinquished hatred tormented the very sensual alto of his tone to forge a thing so much more rancorous. He had not known what to have expected, if either the beings of this hoard where any more educated than their leader whom he refused to submit too, Beauturn was a snake, decent when indulged, deadly when provoked and although his muscular abode told him of his many stories of war and legend, when he was the hero in his own fantasy tale of love and lust, his own ideal fantasy of good versus evil. Then he grew, he got older, he got wiser, everything fell upon nothingness yet through the dark the light sparked, the idealized view that he was hero and like hero he was invincible.

Oh and during those sweet summer memories he was invincible, he got the girl, won the fight, stole the hearts and won the crown. To have such things removed upon his first taste of failure wounded him more than anything, his wings failed, his world fell dark and now like pheonix he became a part of a new world, pride; wounded, ego; inflated yet beauty; flawless; his only good trait. He would exploit such looks eventually, use then to persuade, to break, to kill. Yet in the moment he was rage, wrath, sin incarnate and he had enough of the female and her words. "I won't hear of any more of YOUR fucking bullshit, sir!" Defiance rang through her tone. He rolled cat like optics, his form moved, muscles danced sleek beneath his mantle of dark and then he remained in silence, such pressing silence before the conversation moved once more, distaste shimmering off his being in thick waves.

"An eagle king, is it? Funny, I don't see you as a king. You're ego is way too big for your head!" That was when he stopped her with a curt snarl "You don’t know me bitch, you know not of the price I hold nor the actions I have committed, you know not of my past nor thine history so for you to denounce their existence due to my detrimental illness is disgusting." his lip curled to display alabaster fang, they caught the faint light and seemed almost illuminous from behind a deity of such darkness. Her tone changed. "You caught me at a bad time, and your condescending tone needs to take a hike. However, I'm sorry for the things I said." His however did not. "Bastard! dare you have the audacity to employ change amidst thine tone, NO. To change thy tone is to change thyself, I care not of your 'construction' wretch, burn within your own hells." Beauturn was a deliciously stubborn man, he would have it out with the world had he felt the world had wronged him, no distractions would dare ail him. "I was dubbed Burn at birth for my fire affinity. I am called Burn Regulus." he let out a tense snort "I take that your parents where a creative bunch." his tone became like a sneer, a mocking sentence to further prove his hatred. "Its like calling me wind, because I have fucking wings."


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