Full Version: New Litter Request
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Copy and past the code below once you have finished a completed mating thread. There will be a dice roll to determine if the pregnancy is successful or not (evens is successful, odds it is noy), if it is successful another dice will be rolled to see how many free pups you will be awarded, there is a max of 6 in a litter. 

Mothers in a pack can be awarded up to 6 free pups, rouges can be awarded up to 3. More can be purchased through the shop. After that another dice will be rolled to see if there will be any disabilities in the litter, parents will be able to choose their own pup designs as long as they keep genetics in mind, two black wolves will not have a purple wolf etc. Albinoism and such is acceptable if purchased, please link purchases before hand such as successful pregnancy or out of season breeding pass.  

 It is up to the players to ensure that by the playable date, each pup has a player, if a pup does not have a player by the play date, then the pup will pass away. It is up to the players of the parents to post a birthing thread, and ensure that all players post their pups being born. Failure to post a birthing thread within 3 days will result in a miscarry. You can read more about the mating/birthing rules here.

Due DateParentsFree PupsDisabilitiesPlayable

[b]Mothers Name:[/b]
[b]Mothers Profile:[/b]
[b]Fathers Name:[/b]
[b]Fathers Profile:[/b]
[b]Completed thread:[/b]
[b]Link to purchases:[/b]
[b]In a pack?:[/b]

1. Blind
2. Deaf
3. Nerve damage
4. Mute
5. Hyposmia
6. Deformed

1-2 pups and all will be healthy, 3-5 pups and 1 pup has a chance of getting something from the list, 6 pups and 2 pups have a chance of having something from the list. A 12 sided dice will be rolled with 7-12 being healthy. If either parent has a genetic disability (eg. Mother is blind) then that will be added into the dice roll a second time. If both parents have something it will be added in twice.
Mothers Name: Erzsebet
Mothers Profile:
Fathers Name: Odysseus
Fathers Profile:
Completed thread:
Link to purchases: Successful Breeding is on Ezzy's account
In a pack?: Both are yes

Pup 1: Blind
Pup 2: Healthy
Pup 3: Healthy
Pup 4: Healthy

Due Date: October 13th-18th