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So this is my list, and you guys should defiantly post your favourite pairings too even if they are WAY out there and will probably never happen lol ;D Starting with my characters then moving onto my other favs

Tantalus & Diell
Tantalus & Dione
Tantalus & Citiall 
Tantalus & Persperone 
Cruxer & Lucia 
Cruxer & Citiall
Dione & Jagr
Dione & Andraste 
Dione & Beauturn
Dione & Nagamaza
Dione & Odysseus
Indian & Asuryan 
Indian & Robin 
Indian & Andruil
Indian & Andraste  
Warbler & Sorciere

Andruil & Caracara
Andruil & Widow
Andruil & Cardinal
Andruil & Paradise
Asuryan & Pixie
Asuryan & Valariea 
Sibelle & Vulkan
Robin & Lila
Robin & Harbinger
Tanione, Dantalus?
Tanall >8(
Especially Evike - iridescent sparklepups
Crux and Cit OMG xD The very definition of an abusive relationship. Better yet if it's a threesome with Lucia too.

Tant x Cit might be more likely, though it would kinda be like a whale humping a minnow

Asuryan x Cit because Cit thinks he's so nice and noble and whatnot.
Andurïl X everyone (cause the world needs more feather babies)
Andraste X Indian (cause they would amuse me immensely as she rides him to the market)
Aule X Abbadon (you don't know it yet, but they will be beaut) <3


Anduril and Cardinal. I ship this kind of hardcore... because Cardinal is and will be obsessed over andy for a good little while at least >> Yay beautiful creatures.

and also

Valariea and Asuryan. Because I have shipped thing hardcore forever.... They are too cute they almost make me sick.
Artemis x Beau
Persephone x Tantalus
Persephone x Beau
Paradise x foreveralone
Widow x Asuryan
Poor Asuryan is everywhere xD I ship him with everyone said so far lmao
Quote:Indian & Robin

That's quite the imagination you've got there, bucko. XD

But ohmygoodness him and Harbinger would actually be adorable. Just...awkwardness and more awkwardness. And he hasn't even met her.

...this needs to be fixed.
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