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Shadows curled in soft caressing claws around the face of the once again fallen queen. She could feel them gently stroking her face as she focused bright violet eyes on the crack and gnarl of skeletal trees. This place, it reminded her so much of her fragmented mind. What was dead and what was alive? She could hardly remember anymore. Who was she? Not this thought again. She groaned as she pushed her paws on top of her head to crush her ears down. Perhaps if she were to close her eyes then the world would flip and spit her out into something known.

She felt the tugging against her face again and she growled. “Leave me be. Cerberus be damned you are quite the annoying presences.” She grumbled. Her tail danced back and forth as she felt the stir of “the other”. She shivered at the thought. No, not now, she could not lose her mind to that wonderland again. She felt the sting of anxiety chase away her bravery and she snarled in protest. Her shadows shifted beneath her as she pulled the weight of herself up. Retractable claws seemed to dig into the earth as if nothing else mattered but moving. If she moved then she wouldn’t lose her blood mind.

Her violet eyes drank in the area and she lifted her nose to pull in the aroma of the night. She could barley see the breath of the evening light above her. Nothing but the fog dancing with her shadows seemed to be what kept her company. She sighed, “Not even the roses want a drink. I wonder what they whisper at the keeper of thorns. Perhaps they are enjoying a good laugh at the lose of her crown. I know I find it damn funny.” She snickered as if her shadows would speak in response but they kept silent.

A spark shot threw her mind and she stood frozen in motion. Her paw had yet to touch the ground beneath her as she felt the mental fingers slip into her body. She felt the anxiety building again and she shook her head. “NO! I will not! Go back to your glass box. Your curiosity can go to hell.” She said threw gritted teeth. She could feel her chest heaving. When had she started to pant? She closed her eyes and shook her head. She couldn’t remember what was way up or was she down? Was this heaven or was this hell? Everything felt so heavy. She felt her front legs buckle and the world rush before her head. THUMP.
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</div>The dark forest was one of her favourites, though she didn't exactly know that it was dark here considering her blindness but she knew something was off. The trees were different here there were skinnier and seemed dead, charred even though they always grew. There was next to no underbrush here, everything was trees and gaps and she quite preferred it to the density of most other forests. She moved with complete and utter silence, paws barely creating a whisper across the land as her lower jaw remained unhinged and her throat worked to let off a series of pings that acted as sonar to tell her here she was in relation to everything. It was really the only thing that was keeping her going still. 

Today she would hear the voices before she would catch the pings of the sonar. She had been keeping them quieter since she had met a few others with sonar abilities. She hated being discovered... But today her travels were interrupted by the ravings of a madwoman. Words would spill from lips and echoed like a fun house around her. For a moment Erzs would halt in her movements, ears flickering and tipping in an attempt to locate her company better. 

She struggled to place it and slowly she would unhinge he lower jaw and let out a high pitch frequency that would annoy any who were within screaming range. Hopefully it would flush whoever was raving out. A mad woman... How odd. Usually the insane were alone, closed off and separate from the rest of the world. Maybe this would be a new experiment, maybe someone new to practice her craft on? Already she was racking her brain for which poisons she wanted to try out, which ones worked quickest on which species and so on and so forth. Maybe this would be fun.

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Whispered played in the depths of her mind. Was it the flowers? Did they speak of tea and time and things of old and new? Where they giggling like little cubs playing hide and seek and she was the one they hide from. She groaned as she looked at the ground beneath her. Her shadows aching to touch her and yet keeping their distance, unsure, from whom was in control. “I am me.” she grumbled, “Or at least I think I am? What head is on my shoulders?” she pondered as she pulled her heavy body upright. Her shadows clung to her for a moment, their relief apparent in her mind. They were odd little things but they belonged to her or was it she belonged to them? She couldn’t really tell anymore but nonetheless she was grateful to have them.

Dark ears pulled upright at the sound of breaking shards. The sound was displeasing in its harshness but something caught her children’s attention. She stood and shook the clinging past away from her filthy coat. Away with what once was and what could not be remembered. She needed not to stay consumed in riddles and worlds so far forgotten that her mind could only move ahead instead of sticking in time. “Come on then. The truth it is. Bitterness is its taste but id rather stifle down the stuff then dwell on what could have been.” Her voice trailed off as she followed the direction she had heard the odd sound. Had her mind been sound rather then all so scrambled around she may have thought a thought or two on whom that sound belonged to.

Soon enough the appearance of a wolf came into focus and her head tilted to the side. She drank in her figure. Though her mind was running in ruins some small part of her remained in tact and vigilant. Did this wolf pose a threat? She was unsure and frankly not of the right mind to care. Her throat felt dry and her stomach rolled with hunger. When had it last been since she tasted memories? Her tongue slithered cross her muzzle in response to the thought and she dismissed it as soon as it fluttered in her mind. “Are the windows to your soul so shattered that you cry shards in my Direction?” she asked, her violet eyes watching carefully at the emptiness of her gaze. “Do I know you?” she questioned, though she felt no ping in her mind it wasn’t uncalled for that she would forget a face or two or three. Though blood was always telling and should she have ever tasted her only then would she remember.
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</div>Most fixated on the sound, it was harsh and annoying. She didn't know how many times she had used it to draw out prey. They often came to attempt to rip her throat out to cease the noise but she was ready, ready to pull poisons into her body and fangs if need be. She heard pawls after a moment, crunching on the fresh spring grass. As soon as she heard her prey she would cease the high frequency and switch back to sonar, throat letting out soft pings that would be inaudible without the other having sonar ability of her own. The woman was massive, a huge and hulking beast bigger then any she had met before. She was female, Avelorn, maybe she would be interesting. The woman would stop a short distance off and speak though her words were far from plain. Did she cry shards? Erzs would frown, tipping her head slightly in confusion as she slowly parted her jaws and let out the high pitched sound again to show that it was in fact from her before allowing the sound to die away quickly. 

The woman would pause for a moment before she would asked Erzs if they knew each other and for a moment the witch would stay silent again. Did she want to speak? Did she want to get close enough to touch and risk possible maim or injury? No, no she didn't. Not yet. Slowly she would shake her head, slender shoulders lifting in a lazy shrug as she regarded the woman before her. There was no way that they knew each other, Erzs could tell this for certain... Slowly the petite woman would drift forward, looking to draw just a bit closer. Hopefully close enough that she could reach out and touch the womans mind. It was far harder to speak this way and Erzs's couldn't read the woman's mind from here but hopefully it would work. <font style="color: #F6F6F7;"><em>'You seem broken my pet...'</em></font> She would offer, allowing her thoughts to worm their way into the massive woman's mind. 
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That sound, it broke from the depths of her soul and sang out. It touched her ears and she felt her hackles rise naturally in respond to it though she felt no need to show aggression. Things were ticking back and fourth in her mind and one moment could turn into a fickle friend in an instant. The confusion at her words was nothing that surprised her. Often others never knew what exactly it was she was saying or asking or anything else. Her shadows hissed as they felt her wiggle an invasion into her mind. They were part of her and part of everything that was she and they protected their master as fervidly as she protected those who she loved.

Her ears twitched to the words grazing across her mind and she all but erupted in a wholehearted laugh. “Your one to talk Miss.” She said through her chuckle. Her tail flicking easily behind her as she continued, “Broken, aren’t we all in some manner or another. I would like to think I am forgotten, or lost perhaps, yes lost.” She thought for a moment and the flicker of a face, her sisters, crossed her mind and made her blanch. She shook her head and dismissed the thought. Not today. She had felt the puppet master stir far too many times for her liking and she would be damned if she allowed that aura to slip inside her skin and bring her back into the nothingness.

“Its better that I do not know you, all those who are familiar always seem to fade. It’s a wonder I am not as fickle as ashes on the wind. No matter, a head is just a head.” She said with a shrug, once again ignoring the memories that had once filled her with stability. What was freedom? What was knowing? All these things were always floating away on clouds of dreams and nightmares. Maybe it was just the world of dreams she wondered. “Is this real?” she asked, eager to know if what she touched truly was reality or perhaps it was simply a rather strong figment of her imagination. She never really could tell. Everything felt the same anymore. Her shadows hissed in protest, as she grew closer to the women who clearly lost her windows. Where had they gone? “I guess the broken always seek out others of their kind. So from one shard to another why is it you scream to touch so deep? Can you simply not see with your eyes?” she knew the answer but why not just ask? Was it better to ask a truth then assume what might be? Others would consider this rude behavior but who was she to care what others thought? Only masters ever truly mattered and it had been a far long time since she had achieved one of those.

A pain so deep crossed her heart for nearly a moment. Lothaire. He had been her last and he had been her most cherished. What had happened to the wall? Perhaps a dream of a dream and all those names and faces and places were nothing more then delusions. After all, madness seemed to cling to her like chains. Chains she adorned with roses and stardust. Best to make better of a mind always torn in two.
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</div>Madness. This woman had a touch of madness within her. But then who was Erzs to judge, it was a wonder that she herself had not slipped into the cold embrace of madness herself after the death of her family. But then maybe she was mad. Erzs was a master of the physical, of poisons and healing the body but the mind with a strange and often dark thing that she knew so little about. Maybe they were all mad here. The purple and grey woman's hackles would shoot up at the appearance of her shrill shriek once more, not in aggression but more in the same way one might shiver at the sound of nails against rock. It was an instinctual and knee jerk response rather then one of emotion. It was the body's response to an unpleasant and harsh sound that molested the mind. Erzs could hear the sounds she sent out but not to the same extent, she directed it away from herself after all so she wouldn't have to deal with the unpleasantries.

At Erzs's suggestion the woman seemed interested, turning the comment on its head and telling the tiny woman that she was in fact broken. How odd... True but still odd. It's stirred an emotional response within her that she didn't really understand. She wasn't broken... Blind and mute yes but broken? She had never thought of herself as such. The woman would begin the rave, discussing the meaning of broken and settling on the fact that she was lost rather then broken. Lost mentally or physically? Erzs did not know. She would remain tactfully silent, listening to her ranting until the woman paused and posed a question. Was this real? In response the tiny woman would lift slender shoulders, shrugging. <font style="color: #F6F6F7;"><em>'Only if you want it to be.'</em></font> She would pose, the effort of pushing the thought to the woman at their distance quickly draining her energy.

In response to the sudden wave of weariness that swept over her she would allow haunches to fold and drop to the ground so she was seated easily a few feet before the woman. The woman would pose another question a moment later, asking why she shrieked and if it was because she couldn't speak. For a moment Erzs would remain silent, nodding her head in a non committal way as she gathered her energy. <font style="color: #F6F6F7;"><em>'I am broken beyond repair. I shriek because my voice has never worked. My eyes have only just recently failed me. What makes you so broken to call to a kindred spirit?'</em></font> She would ask, lower jaw unhinging slightly to allow throat to begin sending out inaudible pings once more. She believed that she was safe with this woman, mad or not she seemed to know was she was talking about, what she wanted. She poised rational question in irrational ways but really what did it matter. Once again Erzs would take stock of her size. Maybe there was more use for her then just a normal old test subject...
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Dark ears twitched in response to the thoughts flickering across her mind. In a way it was a comforting distraction from the chaos that seemed to be plaguing her psyche. If the world was tilting and everything was slipping off the edge then perhaps the voice of the here and now would anchor her from dispelling off the edge with everything else. Her shadows whispered in response to the thoughts curling around her consciousness. Blood was her anchor but from time to time so could another creature. Stability was the key in locking away the puppet master and keeping her reality in tack so perhaps their shared discomfort could be liberated if their host were to accept this individual as an acquaintance.

So, reality was still an unknown companion. Her ears twitched to the others response to her question. What was real and what was her power delusions was always something blurring in on itself. That wasn’t an adequate response. She needed to know. After all, why bother continuing with this conversation if it was merely the fog reflecting the images of past shard. Her head swung to her leg and she sunk her fangs deep into her leg. As the tangy taste of blood filled her mouth she closed her eyes and she rolled the sweetness around on her tongue. She tasted her distress. Blood was her tie to the world around it. When her mind slipped or fractured all she needed was just a taste and she could find her way out of the rabbit hole.

She swallowed the taste and removed her jaws from her dark forelimb. Her pupils had all but swallowed the rest of her eye was she allowed the thirst to waver for a second. How long was it since she had fed? She allowed her nose to pull in the aroma of the stranger before her, tasting her in a way, and allowing the thought to feed to dance across her mind for only a moment. She shivered with the need and dismissed it as the weariness in the other stole her attention. Curiosity sparked the rationality in her mind and pinpointed her concentration onto the moment at hand.

When you convey the words that cannot slip from stitched up lips it does seem to take a part of your life. Is there another way?” she questioned, she knew some who could utter full conversations by the gesture of their body. Perhaps in time, should she know her, she would be able to read her in another way. Was she contemplating knowing this wolf? Why not? Who else had she found in her search for familiar faces? She hadn’t forgotten the question and she pulled the mass of her body up and tilted her head. The gesture would be lost to the normal sight but she was certain, in her own way, threw the help of her lost voice she could see her gestures threw different eyes.

“Madness is something waiting on the edges of our being. Some of us have embraced it, wear it like amour, and thus accept our brokenness. Though my madness stems from a disorder.” She paused for a moment and the memory of Fable standing over her large frame laughing down at her crossed her mind. Her body shivered with the memory and she felt the stir of the “other” in her mind. She shook her head back and forth to rid herself of the feeling and continued, “I don’t know what broke me, I can’t remember. What the world has done or what I have done or was it someones else's doing? Whatever the reason my mind is like a firefly that’s forgotten how to light the way. How do you forget that? When something is ingrained in your being. A heart beat, a song, everything that is you. How can you forget that for even a moment?” she said with anguish. It pained her that some days she was certain of herself and others, she was a pup lost in the darkness where the monsters that parents warned their pups about would haunt her and torment her until the madness was all she could see and use as comfort.
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</div>How. Curious. Erzs was blind but she would have had to have been an idiot to miss the audible ripping of flesh and the flare of fresh blood. Her nose would twitch and tremble before she would take a few steps forward. Her next words seemed clearer, more coherent though Erzs would pay her no mind. She would not listen to a word the woman said as she slowly parted her jaws and began sending out inaudible sonar frequencies once more. Neck would stretch forward in hardly contained curiosity as the pings slowly returned from her company. Blood was flowing freely from her limb and the moisture was absorbing the sound to create a blank space in the sonar pings she was making. How very curious. Again she would take a few steps forward, elongated neck seeming even longer as she fully extended it forward as if reaching to touch the woman, nose constantly quivering at the scent. Blood. Oh how wonderful it would be to mix saliva with that blood, to pump this woman so full of neurotoxins that she would feel like she was being burned alive at the stake.

She was a large woman, Erzs would not be allowed to forget that as she slowly began to inch closer to her prey. Each movement was calm and calculated, gauging the woman's reaction to see if she would have to strike like a viper or if she could sneak it in there before she got caught. The woman was ranting now, Erzs's ears would flitter as if listening but she was not, it was the ravings of a mad woman. As she drew closer her head would lower as if to inspect the wound, attempting to reach forward to pull her tongue slowly across the woman's wound. She would would two powers at once so she could push venom into her saliva, a powerful concoction that would light up the pain centres in the woman's brain, and her healers powers to slowly knit the flesh together. 

She would only heal the wound slightly before touching her nose the the woman's shoulder. <font style="color: #F6F6F7;"><em>'Is it the pain and blood you desire or do you wish for me to take it away?'</em></font> She would ask, words whispering though her counter parts mind. It was easier for her to speak this way, with contact so for now she would remain close, waiting to back up at the first signs of pain so she could watch. She was unsure of her dosage, she had never before worked on someone quite so large. Would this even work? She didn't know. But she defiantly wanted to see how this worked. It would me a minute or two for the poison to reach anywhere where it would start to hurt. Hopefully this wouldn't kill, as much as she didn't mind killing this specimen provided a very curious appeal that Erzs was more or less inclined to keep alive, at least for now.
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Bright violaceous eyes observed the slight movement of the smaller female. Each step was precise and filled with purpose, However, what that purpose was had yet to be discovered by the behemoth. She remained unyielding, as the distance between the two grew slimmer. Personal space had never been something that bothered her. She had a tendency to disregard the personal space of others. Push into their bubble to remember them. So when the same was done to her she felt no stir of discomfort. She was a being of contingency and longed to find the secret to her mind. To open the door that had been placed ajar.

The wound dripped from the small incision she had created with her fangs. She watched as the female pulled in its tainted aroma, as if tasting her through her nose rather then mouth until she finally reached out and curled her tongue around the wound. Newts reaction was nothing at first, no flinching from the sudden lick, no abrupt aggression, she was simply calm and ever vigilant of what could come..

It took a moment but her gaze previewed the expectation flicker across the blank eyes that looked before her. Something was coming. A spark, like a long lost flame seemed to erupt in a hushed kiss from the edges of her wound. Oh Cerberus. Its flaming fingers curled and pulled at her receptors and triggering a responding groan from her lips. Her lids slid shut as she felt the vibration of pain that most would find overwhelming but she felt ecstasy in its embrace.

It had been so long since she had felt worthy. Pain was her substance, her purpose; it fed her mind and broke her of her insanity from time to time. Her ears fell back as she felt her legs begin to buckle from the fire burning in her body. She wanted to roll against the ground and enjoy it while it lasted. She felt alive. She was made of blood and bone and real tangible things. She was not lost with her flowers and thorns and rabbit holes. Her eyes awoke with fire and as saliva fell from her open jaws.

“Blood is memory. It reminds me who I am, who you are, and who those that imprint themselves into my world use to be.”
She explained from gritted teeth. She couldn’t help the giddy laughter that seemed to fill her chest as the waves of pain began to fade like soft butter fly wings fluttering against her heart. “Pain is my existence. It is a reminder that I am here. This is now and not the hazy fog that consumes my mind when my world has lost its purpose.” She said with a pleasurable murmur, as if still tasting a favorite wine that she would saver until the last drop.

“You are odd.” She said with happiness that she had thought was lost to her. It wasn’t an insult but a compliment. She kept odd things. She loved them, protected them, and ensured nothing broke them. “My name is Newt.” She said simply, still feeling the fading pulse of pain. She felt her retractable claws pushing against the ground in a kneading fashion. She hadn’t notice the response in her body but she was certain this odd wolf had in her way of vision.
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</div>The woman would not shrink away or hide from her, would not surge forward or lash out to attack her. Instead she would simply accept Erzs's approach and then touch. Then things would begin to happen, the woman would groan and slowly Erzs would step back in hopes of putting some distance between them, in hopes of not getting attacked once the pain hit. But instead of screams or panic instead the woman would embrace the pain, coiling it close like an old lover. Erzs would remain silent throughout the entire thing, simply standing to the side and listening to the sounds that the woman made through the experience. She would begin to speak through the pain, her teeth clenched but she still managed to speak somehow. Curious. For once Erzs would actually listen, head tipped curiously as she slowly lowered her haunches to the ground to listen.

She would explain her desire for blood and Erzs like frown slightly before looking away and hmming softly to herself even as a bubble of strange laughter lifted up through her new companions throat. She was of no harm. She would continue to explain her connection between pain and the world and Erzs would sit, neck craned as if watching her as she spoke only she couldn't watch her. Erzs would not speak, would not replay for a long time, that is until her little friend would call her odd. For some reason it made the corner of her lips twitch up in the smallest of smiles before the emotion would once again slowly fade from her features. <font style="color: #F6F6F7;"><em>'Your odd.'</em></font> She would retort, looking away once more.

As with Newt Erzs would offer it was a compliment, she didn't keep those who she found boring alive. Well... She normally didn't  decide to kill people but she was much more careful with her dosage with those she found odd. Introductions would be made, Newt. Such a curious name... <font style="color: #F6F6F7;"><em>'Erzebet...'</em></font> She would offer softly before tipping her head back and closing her eyes, a soft sigh lifting from her lips. <font style="color: #F6F6F7;"><em>'What are your plans, sweet Newt? Do you have a home to call your own? Family? Friends?'</em></font> She would ask, slowly tipping her head to fixate one inverted eye on the massive woman provided she hadn't moved. Erzs had stopped pinging ever since she had poisoned the woman.
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