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She didn't know what she could call this curiosity of these waters. Was it an obsession of hers or just a strong case of fascination? There was many times that she was told about these waters and what they could do. She had never tried it, nor witnessed anyone drink from the pool of water. She didn't know if she could do it and risk something physically harming her in the process. She would never be able to test the waters without a trusted protector, someone that can protect her lifeless body as she took a trip to the afterlife. In order for her to do that she would have to start being more active with socializing again. She twitched her tails, sighing a bit. This meant she would have to spend less time doing what she loved, she only wished that things were easier, that she could do both at once.

She curled herself into a ball, her tails separating to cover both sides of her body. She looked over the pool of water thinking back to the last couple years since she had left her family. She hadn't really met to many others let alone form any solid relationships with anyone. She supposed she should start, she may even wanna settle down and have a family with some handsome male. That she hadn't put any thought into and wouldn't take time to dwell on that now. She let herself get wrapped into her thoughts as she relaxed in the cool grasses near the pond.

The dark brute was alone once more. His thoughts racing through his mind. He was being bombarded by his never ending questions once more. A frown seemed to be glued to his face as he bared his teeth with a silent growl. It would seem no matter what he would do he would be faced with darkness and silence, only to be broken by his own thoughts screaming at him. Echos of his night terrors rang in his ears. “Murderer!”
Talon picked up his pace. He was now running at full speed, as if trying to escape his thoughts and his nightmares. He was being driven mad by not knowing who he was, where he was going. Even the small things would bother him. Who his mother was, and who had rescued him from his drowning accident. He was a lost soul, his memories never to come back.

The brute would run becoming unaware of his surroundings, He ran until he reached the edge of the pond. He became motionless and simply let himself to fall. His head would scream at him all the more of the questions he couldn’t answer. His paws would cover up his face. His fur was all on end now and a growl rumbled in his chest. All he wanted was for the questions to stop.
“Shut up, shut up I don’t know.” He would snap back at the thoughts that raged on in his head.
He had snapped under the building pressure. His torment and sleepless nights catching up to him and he was slowly losing his mind.
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Her ears then caught something, bringing her from her thoughts to focus on listening. It was crashing, crunching, and smashing of brush and grass. She was somewhat startled and focused her energy, bringing her shadows forth to conceal her, concerned it may be some sort of danger. Dark red eyes watched the direction of where the sound was coming from until a dark furred blur came flying out of the brush and collapsed at the edge of the pond. He was in some sort of distress and didn't seem to be any immediate threat so she pushed her shadows back to where they came from. Then she heard his angered voice snap, talking to.... Well she wasn't too sure. Getting up she quickly strode forth, without a second thought. Approaching the distressed male with a heart to help however she could. She paused a distance away giving herself space just in case the male was unstable.

<b>"Excuse me... Are you alright? I can try to help,"</b> her tones were soft, concerned, and even gentle her healing power overriding her personality for the moment. She couldn't quite see the male completely, but was able to pick up the black coat, red markings, and his twin tails similar to her own. She waited patiently hoping her voice could pull him from whatever he was going through.

Talon’s body would resort to quivering almost like he was spasming. He would continue to keep his face buried under his paws, his ears flattened against his skull. Just when he thought his thoughts would have gone quiet, a voice full of concern filled his silence. Talon would freeze, he was now still as a statue. That voice he hadn’t thought it up. It was all too real sounding in his ears. Talon would than slowly pry his face from the ground. He would turn his head to look for the one who had spoken. His white pupil less eyes finding another woman. She was a stranger once again, only this one seemed familiar somehow to him.
Talon would fall into his silence; his face still showed his torment that was slowly rotting him from the inside out. His eyes full of questions. He felt a sort of calmness rush over him, whipping away his initial torments and frustration, but the calmness lasted only a few seconds.

The male would frown and pull himself to his feet and sit with his tails tight to himself. In a way he felt embarrassed that someone would have found him the way he was. He tried to wipe his face from any emotions, but simply couldn’t because he was just simply too tired. The male’s expression would instead just soften giving away his tiredness and unease.
“There is no help for me.” His voice would almost whisper in defeat. His eyes couldn’t seem to leave this new face.
Her blue markings would match his blue feather that was a part of his neckwear. There was something about this wolf that pulled at him, as if he should know whom she was, but his brain gave him no answers. Perhaps he had really lost his mind to his torment. There was no way he knew who this wolf was, there couldn’t be. Matching a wolf to the colour of a feather was silly.
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She didn't really recognize the male and felt as if he was just another face she hadn't met. She had seen him freeze up, wondering if her voice had distracted him enough. Tails twitching she watched him bring his face up, his pupil-less white eyes looking to her. The red mask on his face with the white eyes seemed familiar to her, the eyes especially. Suddenly the male set up, pulling his tails tight to him. She looked to his face, seeing the exhaustion that was apparent on his features. Something was bothering him and his words proved to her that she was right. Before she could reply her eyes caught sight of the necklace, the pretty collection of feathers. One in particular caught her eye and a wave of memory rushed forth in her brain, bringing her back to the male she rescued from drowning. Cocking her head she looked back to his face wondering if he had remembered. He hadn't seemed to yet, which made her curious. She moved closer to the male, her eyes still focused on his face.

<b>"There is always some help for anybody, please let me try to help you"</b> Her lyrics still soft as she attempted to have him focus on her voice so that his mind may ease and leave him be. Stepping a little closer she looked to the necklace again. <b>"That's a fine collection there, do you have a favorite,"</b> she asked. She didn't want to push her luck with asking him to much on his past, fearful that he never regained his memory so she decided to remain on the here and now until he felt at ease. With how exhausted he looked she may not even get to the burning question tonight, but she would somehow, when the time was right.

Talon would tense as the female slowly stepped closer to him, she would speak once more to him her voice was soft and gentle almost soothing his tension again. His thoughts were quiet at least. He would watch and almost feel like fleeing as she stepped a little closer still. How close would this woman go? He would feel his body tense a little once more as she suddenly asked about hit necklace.
His white eyes would slid away from the female for a second to glance down at his neck wear. He practically had a rainbow of feathers all around his neck and she was asking which of them was his favorite. A frown would slide back onto his face in a form of confusion. His eyes would slide right back to gaze into her red ones looking for an answer. He would let a pause well up between them. Talon was beginning to feel almost overwhelmed by confusion, and yet instead of just getting up to leave he felt compelled to stay.

“How do you intend to help?..” he would finally ask the woman struggling desperately to keep his calm.
“As for my feathers…I suppose the blue one is.” He would mumble not wishing to leave her question unanswered.
The brute would than turn his head away from the woman seemingly unable to take her in any longer. He felt like he should know who she was but he couldn’t gain his answer. This was almost more frustrating than listening to his thoughts scream at him.
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She then took a seat, curling her twin tails around her. She felt like she was going about this all the wrong way. She felt that he was getting more and more nervous by the minute, that or confused. He didn't seem to recognize her, though she knew he had seen her several times after she had rescued him. What should she do? Should she just come out and say it? She was mentally struggling on what to do at this point. His question drew her eyes back to him. She could tell that he too was struggling which made her feel much worse. When he turned his head away she dropped her own, pinning her ears back. Instead of helping him she was making things worse and she felt horrible. By nature she liked to heal and focused on doing her best to do so. Right now she was failing and it hurt to realize this. She had to tell him now, any other way she felt would just upset and confuse him more. She let a light sigh pass her purple furred muzzle.

<b>"I helped you survive after your near death drowning I'm hoping I could help more if you'll let me...."</b> she trailed off a bit towards the end, fearing that for some reason his mental state would make him snap and that he wouldn't want her near him. She never did really figure out what drove him to go out on that ice. She was hopeful he hadn't been trying to kill himself, but she would think if that would be the case he would've have made another attempt on his life. She didn't look up waiting for an answer hoping he would just let her try, maybe it was something within his brain that needed repaired and hopefully her healing power could do that. She really didn't know the full extent of her powers yet and hopefully she could repair him so he could have his memories. If not.... well she really didn't know where to go from there.

Talon would be silent as he waited for the woman to speak, to answer his question and shine some light on the matter. He would silently keep trying to pull at his memories he had to know whom she was. He just had to. He would take a peek at her once more and glance at his feathered necklace, as he stared at the feathers the hung from his neck she would speak once more. His ears perked up picking up her soft voice. She would claim that she had rescued him from drowning.
He would turn his face to look at the woman again. His brain would give a click finally pinning together some memories. The blue feather around his neck had matched the blue on her pelt. Her scent that filled his nose was the same scent that had lingered around him the day he woke soaking wet by the water’s edge finding a simple feather in his wake.
His guard would shatter almost immediately, suddenly all his current emotions would have been seen. Sadness, confusion and even a little bit of terror. Talon struggled to gain control over all the emotions that would overwhelm him. This woman had saved him, suddenly he knew this now. He would inch closer to the woman almost as if he needed to gain closeness. She had saved him, and he could remember this now. Almost hopeful he would wonder if she could perhaps be the key to unlock the rest of his memories.

“..I…You…” He couldn’t seem to find his words, his voice quiet.
“What is your name?” He managed to ask almost in a whisper.
His eyes would trace over her taking her in. He was determined to keep her form in his mind. His savor was an angel. She was beautiful and kind, surely she could help him remember more. He suddenly had a feeling he needed her, if she was a part of his past he had to hold onto her or else she would slip away. He didn’t want anything else to slip away. It was hard enough as it was barely knowing whom he was.
“Please… I… I don’t know what to do.” He would almost beg her for help his voice much quieter and softer than it was at the start.
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She was fearful to look as his reaction, instead she started at the ground. Her ears were gently laid back against her skull as she waited. His reaction somewhat surprised her, but delighted her at the same time. Looking up she could see all the emotions showing and knew he was struggling to get a hold of him. Moving closer to her he struggled to form his words, she didn't know what to do for him. Then he asked her name and a gentle smile spread across her lips. Her tails gently wagged. <b>"Anja, Anja Strigoi and do you remember yours?"</b> she replied. His next words drew her up, moving to be face to face with him gently and briefly pressing her nose to his cheek. She wasn't going to leave him unless he wanted her to. She would travel with him if he wanted and she would become a constant companion if he so pleased. Both of them would benefit from it she would love the constant company and she was sure he would like it. Looking to his white eyes she smiled again. <b>"I will do my best to help you and will stay with you as long as you please. You look tired, would you like to try and sleep back at my den?"</b>

The male listened as she would reveal her name to him. Anja, Anja Strigoi. He made a silent vow to remember her name and hold onto it for the rest of his life. The name in itself rang a little familiar, but it didn’t bring up more memories. She even asked if he still remembered his own, he would nod in answer.
“Yes… at least I believe my name to be Talon. Talon Bersek. It was the only name I could remember.” He would respond to her softly, his eyes would remain on her as if he was afraid to look away and find her gone.

 Talon was than startled a little when the woman would walk and close the distance between the two of them, she would press her nose to his cheek. He didn’t pull away exactly, only his eyes would widen in surprised by the gentle touch. Never could he remember ever being touched in a way like that. He could only remember his solitude and being distant from all those he would pass by, only Citlali was able to make him feel something more than hostility and frustration. Anja was something else. She was a part of him, he just hadn’t understood how.

She would smile at him; it was a warm kind smile. She would continue to say she would help him as best she could; she even went so far as to offer her den for a place to rest.
Talon shook his head a little; could he accept all this from her? To have her help was one thing, but to invade in her own home? Suddenly the male was starting to feel a little over whelmed.
“Anja… I do not want to ask too much of you. I still… Forgive me for I am still very lost inside. I feel like I should know you. Yet I have no memories that can prove this feeling to me.”
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