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Hey guise so I wanna throw this little art shop up to fund the creation of my new boy Malus. Don't know if I'm going to add anything to him yet but i want him to be max height and i need runes for that, so here's my shop for y'all. 

I'm open for doing table images, avatars and linearts. Just tell me who you want the art for, a description of their appearance and anything you want to be thrown into whatever you're asking for. I'll try to do my best to please everyone c: 

You can check out my stuff on my DA page:
-tosses Lux at-

I apologize in advance for her colors xD A table or an avatar mebbe?

<a href="">Here's her profile!</a>
[Image: GV0VMSy.jpg]
Lux's avvie :
(hope I got the markings right, if not let me know so I can fix it :3 ) 

[Image: TKuUIAM.jpg]

Lux table: 
Hope you like it!
[Image: QLt5Fov.jpg]
Oooooh wow they're both awesome! ;u; Thank you!!
If you can do wings I would love for you to do an avvie and Table image for my new boy Vaclav

Body/Marking reference:
Wing marking Reference:
[Image: PvemJ7l.jpg]
Beautiful!!! Thank you!!
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