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Her smirk didn't waver and he took a moment simply to soak in the gentle curve of her lips, the fine slope of her muzzle and the subtle crinkle of her cheeks when she smirked. She would agree to come and show her support, though she was already accustomed to living off rodents. A brow lifted, his gaze raking her figure. No wonder she was so tiny. Salmon tongue appeared to caress her lips before returning to its cage behind her venomous fangs. She did not fight him as he pulled her chose, her thick tail flicking across his belly, causing muscles to tense with anticipation. She pressed against his chest, a low purr of words falling from her lips. She would come when called. That was all he needed to know. Her head tipped, a smile flashing across her lips, inquiring to know if he was going to seal the deal. 
A chuckle rumbled briefly in his chest, jaws parting as he shifted over her, legs caging her beneath him as he took a hold of her scruff. Weight shifted across his hind legs to keep from squishing her, forelegs gripping her sides to keep in her place. He wasted no time, thrusting hips forward, a low groan of appreciation slipping between his jaws, muffled by her scruff. He took his time, a steady pace to drive them both over the edge and into oblivion and then into a world of sleep.

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