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Sounds of struggle had drawn the beasts - from foxes to crows, an easy meal always proved a crowd favorite, and even Masa had to admit that it provided quite the spectacle. Too heavy to comfortably navigate the treacherous mud, she sat instead on a reasonably dry stretch of ground, steel eyes fixed intently upon the slow and horrible death promised to the stranded doe, quickened only by her violent thrashing.

It had been a mistake, a bit of fun turned into an unexpected cruelty as she'd pursued the creature past the treeline and into the reeking swamps. The sucking mud had added an additional level of difficulty to the chase, threatening twisted joints, sprains, and a muddy drowning should she fall wrong, but she found that the gamble in such things provided half the fun. A dash of danger made most anything exciting, even the pursuit of a creature you never intended to capture in the first place.

A poor choice of path had led them here - the deer had veered suddenly toward a flat expanse of mud, presumably hoping to cut the flat and wheel back around to the safety of her forest home, only to land squarely in the middle of the mire. An unpleasant snap and the ungainly way she fell suggested a broken limb, though Masa wasn't sure if the creature could rationalize the injury amid her terror. With the game at its end, she'd resigned herself tot he weedy tract of land, settling there to watch as the creature struggled, eyes rolling back white as every effort to free itself only managed to draw it in deeper.

Watching the deer sink into the mud was a remarkably cathartic experience - as the day wound to a close and the crows and vermin grew thicker, Masa found herself feeling remarkably zen. Aside from this vignette of misfortune, all appeared quiet here, lonely even. This was nice, she decided. It was nice to have a moment of lonely contemplation every now and again.
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<font style="text-transform: uppercase; letter-spacing: 7px;">Daisia </font><div style="border-top: 1px solid; border-bottom: 1px solid; margin-top: 2%; margin-bottom: 2%; padding-top: 2%; padding-bottom: 2%;">
<p>This place was a disaster waiting to happen; uncharted swampland and a young woman entirely unfamiliar with its geography. Still, she couldn't <i>be</i> familiar with it until it was properly explored - and doing so required a careful footing, not so entirely different from her previous climb up the mountainside. Her horns glowed softly in the fog, passive sparks lighting up the thick vapor for brief moments as she swung her head low to keep a close eye on the ground, ensuring she stepped <i>over</i> anything suspicious and stayed on the closest thing here to solid ground there was.</p> 

<p>Lux had heard the birds long before she could see them, though as she carried onward the chaos of multiple flapping wings and bickering grew more prominent still, piquing her interest because <i>surely</i> they must have found something to eat. The water was out of the question, but depending on what the creatures were picking at, she may find some little morsel to keep her going long enough to get out of here - providing the sinkholes didn't get her first. Crouching in the weeds, she leered through the fog and made out what was left of a doe, who met her untimely fate in the muck and now drooped motionless as the birds set upon her corpse. The Ealith could run them off, not a problem - but someone else was watching, someone the girl couldn't quite make out. It wasn't wise to just take somebody's kill, however, and even in her hunger Lux was willing to remember her manners if it meant no conflict. <font style="font: bold 15px georgia; font-variant: small-caps; letter-spacing: 1px; color: #EDDC21; text-shadow: 0 0 5px #7f819d;">“Hey, are you going to eat that?”</font> She crept a little closer following her question, warily, keeping herself submissive in posture but otherwise not trying to hide.</p>

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