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<a href="">Zombie - Maître Gims</a>

Manipulé par un autre
Tu n'est que l'ombre de toi même
Manipulated by another
You are your own shadow

As a note, I will preface this by saying that this plot may be complicated, or even difficult. I want it to be a lasting interaction with a potentially slow burn for whoever is looking to pick this guy up. With that said, I am <i>really</i> excited by the prospect of this adoptable/plot arc and I'd love to find someone just as enthusiastic about it as I am. <a href="">Evike</a> might be better known as my most prolific character to date - she's an egotistical and conniving mage with dreams of ascending to a throne of her own by way of the pulpit, so to speak. She treats her magical skills like any other talent, and has developed them through years of intense study, particularly in the dark art of necromancy, though she still has plenty of room to grow.

I'm looking to find her a friend. This friend has no particular design for the most part, though I'd prefer their personality more dominant (i.e., not going to take Eve's shit and willing to call her out on it) to help ground her as she's sort of a paranoid, high-strung individual though she tries to appear cold and calculating, and possibly slanted either toward high magic (dedicated mage) or battle (think paladin?) as far as skills go. I would like for this character to be religious in some way rather than apathetic toward the gods, or at least a player willing to develop in that direction. Alignment doesn't really matter. For the most part I'd be looking just to establish a relationship between them for now and get them off on as decent a foot we can hope for.

This character will die, though the how and when isn't set in stone, as they won't remain dead like any self-respecting corpse. I'm hoping to level up Evike's magic some more soon enough, which means this guy might be alive for quite some time before finally kicking it, but the end goal as you might have guess at this point is that Eve will hope to reanimate her best buddy, unable to cope with the loss and sadly determined to keep trying the same things over and over. Dying and "coming back" (though Eve is incapable of true resurrection, the brain and stuff would still be intact, maybe a bit goopy) is a disorienting process and would likely leave mister Zombie extremely discombobulated - think body dysphoria, struggling with simple concepts and functions, more primal behavior - essentially maintaining a shell of his personality and memories but with some fundamental complications, possibly calling into question all sorts of things.

I will be selecting the "winner" (what a horrible prize) by way of conversation - I want to see that you and I can plot together well and get along. I want this character to be an individual and not completely dependent on Evike for existing. I would prefer high activity and a willingness post quite a bit (dare I say spree?), though I'm fairly laid back on the matter and will probably discuss it with you in private before pulling the character. Given that he is a fairly malleable concept, I would prefer not to bandy him about multiple players as whoever creates him first will definitively be making his basic template.

At the moment I'm getting back into art very slowly, but I'm also willing to help you create a design and make you some pretty things if you like.

Feel free to PM any of my accounts or post here if you have any questions, I'll definitely be around Smile
Ahgggh, I had this guy's whole writeup on another website, but now I don't think that I can get it back, so...this'll be a watered-down summary. How do ya feel about a fellow necromancer?

As far as being religious goes, Ouro admires the Gods for being the "ultimate" power. Does that count...?

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Name: Ouroborus O' Cuilinn

Age: 3 Years, 2 Months

Appearance: Here-o!

Personality: There is a natural hierarchy in the world, with the Gods reigning supreme while their sniveling underlings go about their lives in the lower rungs of society. Ouroborus is certain that he is but a tier below the Gods, and believes that with time and hard-work, he could perhaps achieve godhood and join the holy ranks, one day; a place which he deserves. Until then, however, he is forced to surround himself with those he believes to be lesser beings; creatures who owe him their immediate respect and adoration. In other words, Ouroborus is incredibly self-centered, and walks around with his head held high and his ego practically resting on his shoulders. As far as he's concerned, he is a gift to mortal men and women, and barely ever bothers to "grace" people with his company unless he feels that they deserve it. He's also power-hungry, and has no qualms with letting it show, ever striving to climb ranks and place himself in a position of absolute control over others. It's an insatiable hunger.

History: Born to Tuan and Neamhain O' Cuilinn, Ouroborus was brought into world filled with expectations. His father had lusted over the leadership of their small pack for years, and had been crushed when the position had been given away to his distant brother, a wolf whom he saw as being "unworthy for the throne." And so he planned for his only son to grow to be the leader that he couldn't. Ouroborus trained day-in and day-out with his father, suffering through gruelling, brutal lessons that often left him covered in bruises. And when he was around a year old, Tuan decided that he was ready to be taught something else; necromancy. It was a skill that ran through the blood of their family, a skill that had earned them a name in the land. But pack laws strictly forbid the use of "dark magic," so the training was done in secret, and before long Ouroborus had gotten a good handle on manipulating the bodies of the dead.

When their leader died as the result of a hunting incident, Tuan snuck out that night and dragged his body from its grave. Then he approached the den of the pack's elders and, stringing up the poor wolf's body like a puppet's, told them that Ouroborus was to be chosen as the next leader, convincing them that they were dreaming. The very next day, the young necromancer was thrilled when he heard the news. And for months, Ouroborus abused that power, unfair and biased in all of the decisions that he made. Eventually, however, the pack elders found out about Tuan's horrendous scheme. He was immediately killed for breaking their law, and Ourborus and his mother were banished. Stricken by grief, Neamhain died shortly afterward, leaving the young necromancer on his own.

A banished prince, Ouroborus now roams the lands, seeking to sharpen his skills and reclaim the power that was stolen from him.

ody will casually be kicking him off a cliff and being like 'oopsies'
A fellow necromancer would be great, and his view of the gods is super similar to Eve's so I think they'd get along in that aspect. Actually they're pretty much exactly in the same boat so ooooooommmmyyyygoooodddd... xD
I'll Skype you a bit to see how plotting settles out but that's a pretty solid concept IMO.

And yeah I could see Ody having a role in this. Ody you ass. Lmao
Asher Purgatory
(possibly also Zombie, Im playing with name ideas)

His concept will be this. He is a type of Avenger(paladin). He believes he is an avenger of the gods. he does their bidding and follows their laws to the best of his abilities.With his inexperience as a youth he felt the world was black and white, good and bad, and nothing in between. what was bad needed to be vanquished. it was his duty to the gods to rectify the wrong doings of others in their name. With experience he learns that the world is not so black and white and this hurts his riotous personality. it makes him question what exactly it is the gods would wish of him and so he seeks others with similar beliefs to steady him and give him his conviction back.

With befriending Eve, he will see her as a follower of the gods as he is. they were chosen by the gods for some reason and what ever her purpose might be he will intent to see it threw until his dieing breathe. He is fearless, Brave, ambitious, saddened by the non believers, Battle hungry and very considerate. Every female is a lady until they prove other wise and he treats them all with respect and allows them personal distance and is well mannered.

when it comes to possibly being reanimated at first he will be excited to have seen his friend again. However, with the notice of his decay and lack of certain skills. Failure to speak or walk or do some of the mundane things he could do when he was alive will bring a darkness to him that will crave life again. He will desire to possess someone else life in order to give him the illusion of living again and when that fails to be a "forever" thing he will haunt his chosen vessel and constantly stalk them.