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ooc;; Lux first, Newt and Persephone as well if they would like. Anyone else welcome to watch if they want. Set 4 days before the hunt, gonna keep the posting order loose Smile

She had spent the night in her lords den, allowing him to use her tail as a pillow and rest while she stayed awake plotting. She had been scrying more lately, she found her mind more and more muddled and clogged with visions she had seen. It was the only time she could actually 'see' anymore. She had learned how to project visions into liquids as a younger less talented wolf because it was easier but now without her sight she had learned to internalize the visions. It was far harder and far more dangerous. She was finding it harder and harder to pull herself out of the stream sometimes. Her mother had always told her that those who lived too much in the future could never enjoy the present, that they would be touched with madness. So Erzs tried to avoid the future... But alternate present's and timelines of the past had always interested her. 

She would slip away towards her den, the massive uprooted fir tree had fallen down in some windstorm and she, mostly Newt, had dug deeper within the roots. It had been almost a weeks project but now it was large enough to fit at least four wolves comfortably with the roots encasing the ceiling that both made it quite structurally sound and gave her the ability to hang herbs should she need. One nest was built, the rest was fairly bare. It was built for her to conduct her studies... Or host a slumber party with companions should that tickle her fancy... Slowly she would part her jaws and allow a low frequency to reverberate out her chest, something akin to the sound of a damp finger being run around the rim of a wine glass. She couldn't howl so she used this to call the others. 

Hopefully Lux would know the sound, she had showed the woman the sound when Ody had said that the child would be coming with her. Hopefully Newt and Persephone were around as well and could assist but if not then she would do the experiments herself. Though Newts strength and Persephone's hands were always helpful. Slowly she would settle herself outside her den, lowering haunches to the groin then allowing forelimbs to slide forwards so that long silky hair would pool along the ground. Tail would lift then settled beside her. Only when her tail was flat on the ground could one tell that it was mostly just hair and then a long slender whip like tail to hold it all aloft. 
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<p>Sleep came fleetingly in this hellish place, but aside from the nature of her "packmates", this territory was just like any other. She'd curled up at the base of a tree, uncomfortable taking up residence in any particular den because she did not truly <i>belong</i> here - she was a prisoner, a plaything, and that knowledge enough was a reason for the Ealith to keep one eye open as she lay curled into a ball, dozing but lightly enough for her ear to twitch in response to the strange pulsation that rippled quietly through the air.</p> <p>She was being <i>summoned</i>, and slowly the girl unfurled and raised her head, pointing her nose towards the sound and narrowing her eyes with debate. Whatever reason the witch wanted her, it <i>couldn't</i> be good; that woman was a pawn of the Alpha, after all. Lux could be disobedient, but that wouldn't do her any good and young as she was, she knew when she was at the disadvantage.</p> <p>That's how she made it this long, and with that memory the girl rose warily to her feet and traced its source to the long-haired creature posted elegantly at the mouth of her own den, her fur pooling around her. She looked so delicate, but Lux already knew that not to be entirely the case. <font style="color: #7fc2c8; font-variant: small-caps;"><b>"You called for me?"</b></font> Her voice was soft, almost a whisper, but she refused to allow it to shake, to show the apprehension that mounted now that she stood before Erzsebet herself.</p>
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The singing of a lover in the moonlight did tickle the behemoths ears. Though the two had been much more then companions it was certain affections would be held for those that she called hers. She had been wandering the pack lands, scenting for trespassers, and heard the call of her Banshee. She wondered what games she had in store now. She followed the path that she had most traveled. Where the home, well only home, she cared for lay and she wondered if the third of their little group would come as well.
Soon enough she spotted Erzs, laying at the opening of their own. The roots uplifted and hanging like a chandelier adored with herbs. Her violet gaze filled with her affection as she trotted towards her companion. She allowed her head to push against that of erzs and her nose crinkled with the stench of Odysseus against her lovely aroma. Her ears fell back with her chagrin, though she could not see her emotions, her mind raced out with aggression. You stink of that pathetic child. She thought as her lips twitched with her silent hostility towards their king. She rubbed against her neck, allowing her own aroma to mingle in that lovely black coat, and asserting her own claim on the banshee. 
Her head turned to see the youth that she had almost beat into submission. Had the others not intervened then perhaps she would have had the pleasure of testing the little spark plug out. She hadn’t forgotten the warnings the charges teacher had spoken. Emotions brought out her gift and she was curious to see how intense that gift was. Why have you called to the slave? She thought. Allowing her body to maintain contact with her banshee as she quietly looked at the youth. Perhaps she desired to indulge in a little experimentation. It would be quite fascinating indeed to see what her companion had in stored for the youth.
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As usual, Persephone went on with her day looking for something to entertain her, though it would seem before long a familiar call would ring out upon the land, summoning the youth. It was Erzsebet, what did she possible want with the slave? Her mind reeled with ideas, though before long the intrigue would get the best of here, causing the green nymph to skip along to the call, excited to see whats about to go down. It didn't take long to go to the area, spotting the multi hued girl first, so innocent  she was, not aware one miss step would cause her to be enslaved. A sigh would slip plum limbs, before quickly jogging to Erzsebets free side, aiming to stand close to her, though making no physical contact, respecting the space between them. " Watcha planning? Is it gonna be fun?" She'd murmur, wanting answers quickly so they could see this little meeting progress. While waiting for answers, Pers would stare at the girl before her, she was rather pretty, wasn't she? Are we gonna go and maim her now?