Full Version: Out of the Wasteland [Warbler]
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The sun was a stunning ball of light flickering brightly out of an ocean of light blue signifying that it was midday and the sky was most pure, always a marvelous picture the sovereign would think before he would take off into it, beating his wings until he was airborne. He cut through the winds and rose with them, only at a level that was enough to get a decent sense of his surroundings but still nowhere near the ground. Flying to him was like second nature and it was as common to him as the way he breathed. Vesperus could find a moment for himself but he couldn't fathom the idea of straying too far from his beloved twin, at least not for a long amount of time. So he remedied this by staying close to his home, only going as far as to the next area over.

Violet eyes were met with such a contrast, going from an ugly, burned down forest to a field of marvelous green. The man observed the vibrant grasses below as they were made to dance in the flowing winds, the shaking trees as if they were strewn in random places. When his eyes caught something bright and red he took a deep breath before landing near what he had seen. Colorful berries had caught his eye, enchanted him out of the sky and he wanted nothing more to take them for himself to show them off to his darling sister who he was certain was waiting for him back at home.
He would lounge lazily in the soft green grass, hips flipped in a relaxed manner though he would keep himself propped up on his elbows, one talon'd paw supporting his chin while the other one would idly pick blackberries off the shrub before him before popping them stop waiting tongue. He wasn't overly fond of blackberries but something about the texture he had always loved. Eyes were slightly glazed, as if he wasn't really paying attention to what he was doing. Black feathers lay sleek atop yellow body for the first time ever. Normally he would fluff up the magnificent plumage that he was so proud of but today seemed so... Lack lustre... A sigh would slip from his lips and paw that had been tasked with collecting berries dropped to the ground. He was feeling strange today... Homesick perhaps? At least with father there was always something to do, something to prove... Here there was nothing. His older siblings were bickering all the damn time, Widow was nowhere to be seen... Thankfully Cardinal had shown back up so that made him feel better at least.

Slowly he would drop his hand from his face and slowly roll himself into a standing position, taking his time and stretching. Feathered tail would ruffle and shake as he shook dust from his pelt. Like the rest of his litter he seemed to be more feathers then fur where as his eldest siblings sported more long feathery feelers then actual plumage. Though Widow sported a tail much like their fathers, something he was quite jealous of. Slowly he would turn south, heading further into Tantus and more towards where Asuryan had claimed his pack. Funny how everything had worked out. Warbler had always seen himself as a leader and yet now here he was following his less then ambitious brother and his littler girlfriend. At least this purple woman was beautiful, a fact that their father would approve of.

The woosh of wings would draw his attention upwards, ready to yell at his older siblings to go the fuck away and let him have his alone time... Only it wasn't them. Eyes would narrow slightly as he regarded this new winged beast, blue like his brother but different in a way. Weirdo. The male would land quite some distance away amongst the berries, seeming oblivious to Warbler until the black and yellow male stepped forward and studied him. He looked familiar, less pink then the other one and of course wings where she has scars... Could this possibly be another of that wretched family? He would stride forward, inky feathers immediately fluffing and flaring around him to create a soft of crown to make him seem even bigger then he already was... "Sup..." His words were baited, eyes hungry as he studied this male. He couldn't be could he? He seemed too young to be the dad, had he sired other children?
Vesperus failed to spot the man during his flight, his attention absorbed by what he wanted to to get his paws on. It was as if the other didn't exist when he continued his aim by reaching a svelte yet muscled leg out to brush the berries whilst they were still hooked onto their bush. The few that were tender would fall when placed against his hand, rattled by force and impact. Since they easily gave way it wouldn't be such a task to harvest them and the bush would allow him to take it's fruit, a quiet snap and there was a thin stick of the red berries hanging out of his jaws but then an informal word would meet his ears, making the sovereign's eyes gleam in size. A gasp and the berries dropped from Vesperus's teeth before he would whirl around, seeing vivid yellow and black out of the corner of his eye.

It was a bird? "Oh?" No, a man. A man's who's feathers were displayed in something that could be aggression or intimidation. Maybe both. "I'd never have the intention of ruffling such handsome feathers." Soft and charming voice bubbled out of him to calm the other before he peered around, wondering if he could be on a kingdom's territory but nothing really stood out to tell him so. "Am I trespassing?" With an inquiry he took another glimpse of the stranger. Handsome, feathers, and talons for toes. Traits worthy of a Madar. White ears rolled backwards when the thought that Vesperus could be in the presence of a Madar crossed his mind.
The man was reaching forward to grasp the berries when Warbler, possibly not very politely, greeted him. He would gasp, the started sound slipping quickly from his lips as well as allowing the berries to drop and hit the ground in a less then graceful manner. What... A looser... He whirled quickly, coming to face War head on as he stood his ground a few feet away. They would face off for a moment as the man seemed to collect himself. Charming and handsome, two traits that War never liked to see in another. How dare he be charming! His words were soft, attempting to soothe but instead War couldn't help but get himself further ruffled, chest puffing out as he studied this man. After a moment he seemed to consider his surroundings before asking if he was trespassing. <b>"Maybe... Depends on who's asking..."</b> The words came out quickly, instinctually and without thinking. Maybe they weren't the best response but hey, they were out there in the world now and there were no getting them back.

War would continue to eye the man as he took a step forwards and attempted to bring them just a big closer, hawk like gaze eyeing the man up and down. So strange.. Was he a Volfglanz? Could he be? War had been born after the whole incident, he hadn't been a pup when it had happened like his older siblings. He had grown up hearing stories about them in the same way that one might tell stories of the boogie man. They were a bad family and War knew that one of them was still around, that woman Val that his sister had pointed out. Would it be so far of a jump to think that maybe this man might be one as well. <b>"Whacha doing here...?"</b> He would ask, slowly slipping his gaze down to the dropped berries.