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When a new news blurb is added, the old one will be replied here in this thread. :3 

28 June 2015 by Staff Some exciting things are happening soon! We have a suprise for you all coming up, don't worry about the little glitches in the site, it will all work out in time. We have also extended the raffle for another week since we have had some old faces returning lately!! Check out the raffle here!!

23 June 2015 by Staff Hey all! We are having some technical difficulties with our header as you can see, we tried doing an upgrade but it is being weird. Will continue to fiddle in the morning!!!

15 June 2015 by Staff Its that time! Please age up your characters by a month! We have also decided to wing it with god quests and have the gods make up quests as people request them. So with that all quests are officially open! Find more able them in the quest tab on the guidbook!

14 June 2015 by Staff Hey all! Just a friendly reminder the ad/raffle deadline has been extended to allow some people more time. Also we would like to remind people that we do not allow metaplaying. As well we are no longer allowing any OOC plotting other then family/pup adopts and agreeing for two characters to meet up.

14 June 2015 by Nekros Pack Odysseus has decided to disband Nekros Pack. Keep in mind that there are 3 open pack slots currently claimable!

4 June 2015 by Nekros Pack Odysseus has called a pack hunt together! Particpation is mandatory for this event! You can find the hunt here.

2 June 2015 by Nekros Pack Odysseus is holding a pack chase! A fun game for everyone to particpate in and a chance for Lux to earn her freedom. This is not a mandatory event, but if you are interested in taking part, you can find the thread here

28 May 2015 by Staff Hey all! Just a friendly reminder that on the 15th you should have aged up your wolf by one month, if you haven't please do so now! We also have some contests going on right now! The best one being the ad/raffle that had some awesome prizes from some amazing artists!!! We also have OTM Nominations happening, check out the chat board as they will be closing today and then voting will be up!!

25 May 2015 by Caelum Clutch A pack hunt has been called, the prey is mountain goats! Join the hunt here. Warbler has also decided to hold a pack sparring session for anyone who would like to refine their fighting skills here.

15 May 2015 by Nekros Pack Odysseus has stepped forth and is calling those who have chosen to follow him, as well as open his doors to others who which to join his pack here.

11 May 2015 by Caelum Clutch Indian has stepped forth and is attempting to create a pack from the ashes of the old Noctis Pack. He has called a meeting here calling any who wish to join, old members and new.

8 May 2015 by Staff Noctis Pack has disbanded, the pack has gone up for claim to anyone who once resided in the old pack. If the slot is not claimed within a week then it will be added back to the number of avalible packs to create. Morgana has also decided to disband Amarìs Sëmine, this pack will not go up for claim and will be added back to pack creation numnber. We now have 0/4 pack and pack creation is OPEN. If anyone wants to make a pack fill out the form here and pm it to staff for review.

1 May 2015 by Staff It's that time of the month! Please age all your characters up by one month, it is offially spring! With Spring we are opening pack creation! There can no be up to 4 packs, make sure to read up on pack creation and submit any ideas you may have to the staff account. OTM's have also been announced, please read our newsletter here.

16 April 2015 by Staff It is time to select some new judges! If you are interested please sign up here. Decisions will be made by April 24th. OTM Nominations are also up, make sure to niminate all your favourite characters/couples/members etc. here and we will start voting next week!

12 April 2015 by Amarìs Sëmine A new queen has arisen, claiming the forest of Erro as her own. Morgana has called a pack meeting here to welcome and and all who would like to join.

12 April 2015 by Noctis Pack A new emperor has arisen, claiming the land of Tantus as his own. Asuryan has laid claim upon the land and called a pack meeting here to welcome any and all who would like to join.

11 April 2015 by Staff Two new packs have formed! Noctis Pack lead by Asuryan claiming Tantus and Amarìs Sëmine lead by Morgäna claiming Erros. We have put up a list of new rune claims you can see here and a new seasonal chart here.

06 April 2015 by Staff Pack creation registration has officially closed, we have narrowed it down to 8 packs to move into the voting stage. Please vote on your OOC account and do not vote for your own pack. Voting can be found here. We have also opened up a donation pool here, we have found someone who is willing to make custom plug ins (such as the must requested tagging system) so if you are interested in seeing this happen and getting some cool rewards as well!

30 March 2015 by Staff Our advertising contest has been halted a week early due to a lull and lots of questions about packs. Sorry about that but we are moving on to newer and greater things! Pack creation contest has started here and we are welcoming any and all to throw in an application. We will be closing applications on April 6th and after that put up a survey to see whoch two packs will get created! Best of luck to everyone! Another few rule changes to note, we have changed our site rating to M to avoid confusion though our minimum age will remain 14. We are also no longer giving out an extra 200 runes upon acceptance but we are upping the amount of runes you get per post to 10. If anyone has any questions feel free to message the staff account!

25 March 2015 by Staff We have altered the rules on how to get a Demi-god as there seems to have been some confusion. A Demi-God can only be born on Vindico, an existing wolf cannot become a Demi-God. You can read more about it here

22 March 2015 by Staff We are finally open!! We would like to welcome all new members and thank those that have been around from the very beginning for your patience. Due to our grand opening, we will be having a promotion! Until April 5th, you may bring in up to 4 characters without a waiting period. We are also having an Advertising Contest, which you can find here. Please feel free to continue to let staff know if you find any bugs. Stay on look out for more annoucements and updates as we will continue to work out the kinks in the system.

16 March 2015 by Staff We are slowly working our way though everything, thank you all so much for the help bug finding and sorting the kinks out! We are hoping to have the site up and ready for a full opening within a week! In the meantime we are still working out the kinks so please bare with us, we are changing some rules in the guidebook, major changes in the guidbook and site will be noted in the important announcements link above until we have settled so we don't flood this board specifically. As always if you have any questions, comments or concerns please hit any of the staff up over PM or catch us in the cbox!!

27 February 2015 by Staff Welcome all to the soft opening of Vindico! We are welcoming potential members to create an OOC account and then if you wish to make your first character! Keep your eye out for bugs, if you spot any please let a staff know or make a note of it in he suggestions board. Invite friends if you like but at this time we are not yet advertising. We look forward to seeing you on the boards and make sure to check back with the guidebook and content every so often as there will be some regular updates while we work the kinks out!