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A couple of things have been brought to the attention of the staff team and after a lot of discussion we have decided to announce a few decisions we have made as well as being a few items to the table for discussion. Normally I would post these things on the staff account but since this was my idea and other staff might want to give their inputs I am putting this up on my account. 

1. So first things first, the current magical system was brought into question and though most of us liked the idea of levelling up each individual magic level we realized that this could bring up a whole different issue. As well, when we thought up our current system originally there is always the whole, if you can master one thing then shouldn't getting used to other magic get progressively easier? As well it brought up the issue of how would we regulate the fourth and fifth levels of all of the magic's since they have to be given by gods. Long story short is we have decided to keep the levels as is. So far not many people have made it to level three without donations or contests and no one has made it to level four never mind five. If you think that magic level prices should be raised or anything else we are welcoming discussion on this as well.

2. Next topic is legendary items, we as staff and been pondering this for quite some time and we have come up with a few ideas but to be fair we figured we would bring it up with the general group and see what you guys though. So, so far legendary items are only attainable through donations, contests and of course the all magical mystery box if you are lucky. Our current idea is to raise the prices and open a limited stock on limited items once a month or every once and a while and it will be first come first serve. The other option is to raise the prices on all considerably and leave them as open stock. Or of course we could leave them as is. Please share your opinions!!

3. Lastly we are thinking of changing it so that all threads will be all welcome. We will allow people to make threads private after they have reached a point where it doesn't make sense for another wolf to hop in (say 10 posts) or if they are a continuation from another thread that was private. This would allow a lot of things to move along plot wise and means more character development we believe. There are a lot of threads that people would probably like to hop into but can't because of the current rules we have so we are discussing implementing this. So everything would automatically be all welcome unless otherwise stated and only if they fell under the criteria we listed. But once again we figured we would ask the general puplic and see what you guys think Smile 

Okay let it rip guys!!
1. I have nothing more to input here

2. Lenegdary items should be obtainable through quests, as many seem to be an accomplishment of some sort. Allowing them to be purchased could be a thing too, though a finite stock could be pretty interesting in an effort to steer things.

3. I dunno I feel like if you want in a thread, PM the people and ask? I would be low key annoyed if people jumped in my closed threads without asking just because I hate group threads, like sincerely hate them, therefore I generally only have closed threads. I'm not sure what this would accomplish that just having open communication with other players doesnt?
1. I think leave magic as is. A wolf could have all the powers in the shop if they wanted, but they wouldn't be "all powerful" in a fight seeing as you only get 1 magic attack per post.

2. Legendary available through quests for sure. And also do a day or two randomly every month where people can purchase a legendary power, definitely first come, first serve with a finite amount.

3. I'm on the fence about this. I like the idea of AW welcomes, though it won't affect current private threads I would assume. Definitely keep the rule of after 10 posts, the thread becomes private and no one else can enter. However, the problem then becomes if 2 people are trying to spree and a 3rd person posts and then never posts again, the thread is halted until the 3rd person posts and it can potentially slow plots down. It does open up for more character development for sure, but I think if its like a relationship building thread, then perhaps people could send a message to the players asking if its ok to post their wolf. I don't foresee people just throwing their wolves into every single thread and creating problems, I'm sure people are capable of common courtesy and asking beforehand.
1) Leaving it as it is, is my vote on this matter. I think it is fine the way things are.

2) I like the idea of a random day when the Legendaries are open to everyone for a limited time and being first come first served kind of thing. It would provide an opportunity to grab these.

3) I like this idea of making all threads open to start. The rule of ten posts until private is a good rule. So long as the people wanting to join asks about it to be sure I think it would be perfectly alright. It really would open up the character development aspect to roleplaying and personally I find it more realistic this way. Two wolves alone in one place could very well attract the curiosity of another. Particularily if the wolves together are loud surely another might wish o investigate.
1. I like how it currently is

2. I think it should be a finite resource which go up in the market randomly, so first come first serve.

3. Personally, I like to keep private threads. I know some people don't want to play with certain characters and I don't think we should put people in the position of not wanting to rp in a thread because a certain characters gone in it. I think we could do AW threads in pack lands? I think that'd be great.
one // it's v conspicuous to me that my idea was immensely unpopular so idk why this is even on this discussion lol. i stand by what i said, regardless, because it still seems quite unfair that a character who learns a new magic ability can automatically be quite proficient with it despite having just discovered it... even if one magic ability can be used per fight. though i suppose some players could play it off in a manner where it is fair so /shrug OWELL.

two // hm... i think the whole point of it being a "legendary" power is that it would be nearly impossible/a character would have to go through great lengths to obtain it. therefore, i'd say no to having it available in the store ( even in limited amounts ) and yes to having it available through quests or the magic box.

three // as much as i would like to have all threads be AW for the purpose of adding drama... idk honestly. i feel like, while it is more realistic that characters can be intruded upon by others, this would likely be abused... ( i.e. a character is being talked about by others in a thread, and that very character just conveniently shows up. ) even the point made about how people have different posting rates and that it would unfortunately slow a thread down between two quick posters is a qualm to consider. so i'd have to go with no for this idea as well.
One: I'm good with how the magic system currently is. Its true that having it so each skill should have varying levels of expertise but I feel that putting this sort of system into place would make it way to complicated. I rp to relax and have fun. I don't want it to be a big complex process to follow site guidelines and rules. Like I feel people shouldn't automatically just know how to do a new skill, but thats really something people should have common sense in doing anyways. I'm good with it being as is.

Two: I don't think legendary powers should be available in shop. I feel they should definitely have a limit to how many characters have them at one time, but they should still be only available through contests and quests.

Three: I am totally against having only AW threads. Like I understand it makes sense, as its unlikely the characters can be totally alone, but again this is rp; we don't necessarily have to follow the physics of life. I don't want to have a thread with someone and than have some little skit jump in, especially without permission. I can definitely see people who are being talked about just randomly showing up. I also don't like rping with people that are really slow at replying, so having one show up in my threads would piss me off, this I shall totally admit. I know some people are into drama, and just jumping into a thread to cause drama is not cool in my mind. I feel private threads should be allowed, and if someone really wants to join in, they do the obvious thing and ask if they can join.
Hey all! Guess I should have updated you sooner.

1. @ELYSIUM honestly we all as staff LOVED your idea at the start but when we stopped to think about the logistics of implementing it it would be very hard. But we figured if there was enough people who wanted it changed we would do what the public wished and changed it. But since it does seem that the current magic levels has the vote we will be leaving the current magic levels in tact.

2. It seems this has been a fairly overwhelming response as well, we will be leaving legendary items as non purchasable though we will be opening up so you can attempt to get them through God quests. With that being said we will also be putting up 5 successful summoning a tokens at he beginning of each month.

3. Though the response on this seems to be towards no we are going to give it a try. I do honestly believe that people will still ask before joining a thread, no one here is a savage. Plus this opens the option of rouge bands or of people becoming possessive over a land/ their home. I feel it will create some possible conflict and open some plots. For that reason we are going to try it for one month. If at the end of one month everyone still hates it (or if you guys have issues before the month is up PLEASE message me and let me know and we can go back to the way it was if everyone hates it). But I used to love this and would really like to give it a go. So for that reason the rules have been updates, all threads started from here out will be all welcome, though still feel free to make threads for specific characters. Quests will still be considered private, and any threads after they hit 10 posts can be marked private or if they are a continuation from another thread.