Full Version: Blues, Your a Buzzkill [Masa]
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The bright rays of the sun shined down on him warming his body to a comfortable temperature. It was a beautiful day for the man to relax and watch the world around him go by. Without a cause or a calling Vaclav decided he was going to relax today, to give his body and his wings some time to rest. There was little need for him to do anything, his stomach was already full and it was to beautiful out to not enjoy it. He had been traveling through the sky and lately had spent vary little time on the ground. His medium shade of purple eyes watched a herd of deer and a few moose off in the distance. They didn't seem to bothered by his presence and seemed to already know that he wasn't in need of a meal so they went about there grazing and curiously glancing at him at times. Moving the male shifted to lay on his left side wincing slightly as a stab of pain came from his right front leg. He then stretched his large wings before folding them so neatly at his sides and covering the many scars on his right leg.

His ears calmly slid back against his head as he lifted his face to the sky and closed his eyes. He loved the warmth that the sun's rays provided and with the majority of his coat being white he never seemed to get to hot. Days like these made his mind go back to what he had, back to his beautiful Mira. He missed her so vary much and would have loved to still have her at his side. Sighing the male dropped his head, guilt flushing over him. He should have stayed away from her that or they should have ran away, but she didn't want to leave her Djinn family. It was his fault for her death, he knew there would be repercussions for going against his father's wishes, but he couldn't help it. He was madly in love with her and couldn't bare to leave her, but now he had nothing. No family, no mate, no pups, just himself. Sighing lightly the male opened his eyes to refocus on the deer, trying to push back his emotions and subside his memories so he could enjoy the day.

"Speak" & 'Think'
The herd would suddenly draw to attention, elegant necks craning about as narrow heads turned toward the trees, white tails flashing in warning shortly before what appeared to be an animated gout of flame rocketed out from the brush, scattering the deer like dry leaves, sending them pelting away from the fiery creature in a panic. It became quickly evident by the lackadaisical manner in which she swept after them, chomping at their flashing hooves, that the wolf had no intention of actually catching anything, merely herding the harem about Tantus' plains, possibly for the fun of it. Alone, she likely had no hope of taking anything but the weakest of the bunch, but time and the turning season had weeded those out, leaving a more robust population for the long summer ahead.

The game ended quite suddenly with the djinn stumbling to a stop, head whipping around toward the white male as her game got away from her, bounding into the trees in a rush of pale tails and thunder of cloven hooves. She squinted, making him out in the distance just barely above the grass, even going to the effort of rearing up on her hind paws, her fores tucked to her chest, as a means to confirm the males suspected identity. Dropping down on all fours, her tail whisked violently in glee as she gave a hop and suddenly charged across the field toward him - after all, it was only a proper introduction that could confirm or deny who he was.

"Vaclav!" Plunging through the grass, Masa nearly fell on him when she came close enough, her head diving suddenly and dangerously to butt against his own, never mind the sweeping horns that sprouted from her brow. "Vaclav is that <i>you</i>?" All excited wiggles and high pitched exclamations, she bounced and skirted around him, finally throwing her legs around his neck, flopping heavily onto her side where she could playfully nibble his jaw, hind paws kicking at the air.
His eyes watched as the herd drew to attention. His ears swiveled forward wondering what in the world had them stirred. They weren't looking in his direction so it hadn't been him. The next few moments happened so fast with a flash of tail, of fire, then a creature sprinting at the herd's hooves. Bold yet the moves looked to be of sport instead of the intent to actually hunt. The figure was dark with a long snake like body. He had to sit up more to be able to see her through the grass. Squinting his eyes the male tried to get a good look at the women, taking in her beautiful colors and finding them oddly familiar, but of course he couldn't be completely sure.

Suddenly her attention was drawn to him standing on her legs like a prairie dog would. Then she was suddenly bolting through the grass to him, it was his dear Masa. She was like a daughter to him, the first chance of helping to raise a child after the death of his own mate and pups. Her family was the one so willing to take him in and he in return became her baby sitter. Chuckled as she butted heads with him, he was careful to avoid the dangerous horns on her head. His eyes bright as he watched her bounce around, his own tail thrashing against the grass, but he remained relaxed. He allowed her closeness, her touch, and her playful nibbles against his jaw, chuckling in amusement. It had been a while since he had seen her and he was overjoyed that she was alive and thriving.

<font style="color: #cc9933; font-variant: small-caps;"><b>"Why yes it is my dear Masa, what luck the gods have brought me today!"</b></font> he said happily, gently and playfully blowing at her ear. <font style="color: #cc9933; font-variant: small-caps;"><b>"You look so grown up my dear! I almost didn't recognize you."</b></font>

His guilt cloud has dispersed for now as his ray of sunshine filled his thoughts and his gaze. Memories of her puppy form filled his mind and her playful attitude got his blood pumping with excitement of being reunited with her. Nibbling her neck, the winged male gently cleaned a few small clumps of dirt from her fur.

<font style="color: #cc9933; font-variant: small-caps;"><b>"It looks as though you are doing a great job with your powers too, that was a mighty flame you conjured,"</b></font> he said with a wide grin.

<font style="color: #cc9933; font-variant: small-caps;"><b>"Speech."</b></font> <font style="color: #cc9933;"><em>Thoughts.</em></font>