Full Version: My ghost screams at your heels - Newt
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<center><div style="background: url('') no-repeat top; width: 600px;"><div style="padding-right: 25px; padding-left: 25px; padding-bottom: 25px; padding-top: 525px; font-family: georgia; text-align:justify; font-size:12px; color: #ecccbb">Curtains of moth eaten silk hung like dead wings over the blackened iron casts high above. They were tattered, barren and dismal in radiancy, a beautiful story turned tragic with the passing of time. Perhaps, once, this place had been a bountiful dominion, full of the promise of life and the songs of springs hushed in the air. Perhaps once these hallowed halls held council to the creatures of the past, primordial spirits lingering like broken toys upon the ground, forgot now by the child who once held them so dear. Now, there was only silence, only darkness. It crawled, both legs bent and useless, through the crackling underbrush. Andurïl had never been one to believe in the demands of divine intervention, far to content to lose himself in the hearsay of the now, and yet.... he couldn't help the shivers that run phantom caresses along his spine. The forest was sick, that much was clear, the fossilized trunks darkened by the rot.
The man lifted his crown to half mast, the deep musk of the forest battering his senses, and for a moment, Andurïl stood perfectly still. Ears rotating upon his head, the crimson ghost lingered within the realm of reality, even as his steps took him further into the dark, further into the tangled brambles, his touch amongst the hushed flora pushing a path in front of him, allowing him to pass without touching the thorns, sharp barbs against the wary bark. He wasn't sure what brought him here, only a fading memory of the wind rustling the canopy of Silvis, the currents bringing with them a call of something new, something just entering the globe of their world. Hesitant he was not, yet, he was slow in his motions, taking the time to linger in each path he walked before finally coming upon Mactibilis. Now, he moved deeper, weaving serpentine path towards the heart of this land.

<font style="color:#62021a;"><b>Speak</b></font>
The lost, those where the souls that wandered in the depths of the forest of the dead. No laughter or love or glory lingered in the depths of its dark clutches but something was still alluring about the promise of rebirth. Even in nightmares a little light generally found its way into the terror. This place was like the depths of her labyrinth of a mind.

The eerie fog that clung to her violet coat seemed drawn to the emotion stirring inside her. Perhaps it desired to know emotions. To know what it was like to be something more then just whips in the wind. She had take great care to subdue the emotions swirling inside her mind but it seemed to be warping the pawn and turning her into the master mind of so many devious things. Only time would tell that the current web she weaved would be successful or not.

The shadows that whispered sweet nothings into her ears spoke of a visitor. Her ear twitched to the message and she paused in her stride to close her eyes and reach towards the heavens. She flexed her nostrils and pulled the aroma around her deep into her chest. She tasted it, tasted the ashes of this world and the hint of small plant life that thrived in the darkness and just a hint of other wolves. Someone was here. Interesting.

The behemoth pulled the aroma into her lungs once more the pinpoint a direction to follow and sure enough she caught the hint of his scent once more. It was to the right of her. She allowed the bulk of her frame to turn and move in the direction of the stranger. With her discontentment of her home it seemed she was wandering far more then she was staying in her farce of a home. Her only reason for staying was her two companions and hopefully another soon enough.

She moved with a deadly silence. Each paw was gentle as she made her way towards him. Her movements were catlike in nature, as her retractable claws remained withdrawn to help ease any nose to alert him of her presence. She would reveal herself in due time but she wanted to drink in his appearance and study him for a moment before revealing herself to him.

Soon enough he was in her violet gaze. His coat was lovely and in a sense she felt sadness for her more normal appearance. She was aware of her odd colors of violet that colored her own coat but she held no mutations other then her feline like claws and vampiric jaws. She admired the oddity of his backside, the way the tendrils looked like quills and seemed to hold minds of their own. She wondered if they reacted with his emotions and though she enjoyed watching it wasn’t as much fun as actually meeting.

“Walking where the flowers lost their voices and yet the ghosts still linger in the ashes of their tormenting. do you seek to hear their broken songs or are you merely strolling for the sake of strolling?” she asked, allowing her head to tilt to the side as her silent paws carried her large figure forward. Her ears twitched, as she looked him over once more. He was identical in size and mass as she was. She had yet to meet another wolf that could match her in her size and weight. Her tail remained level with her body as the shadows whispered in her ear with their concern. He was a stranger and they didn’t like it, but she did.