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He had made his decision. He prowled the forest in search of his mother, nostrils flaring to pick out her scent amongst the brush. Ears rotated in searching of the sound of her familiar steps, eyes darting back and forth. Tails curled at his hocks, head hung between his shoulders as he moved with a brisk pace through his forest. His mind raced with a million different thoughts, but none of them mattered, he knew what he was going to do, everyone else be damned. He moved like a shadow, steps silent as he went, picking out the familiar figure of his mother. <b>"We need to talk."</b> His voice was a low rumble, shattering the silence.
Tension radiated from his shoulders though his expression was carefully neutral, steely eyes resting on his mothers features. He was no fool, not like everyone thought him out to be. He knew when he was victor and when he was not. There was no denying the shadow that loomed over him, one that constantly nipped at his heels and promised the world great and terrible things. It mattered not if they were ready for the destruction he brought, only if the kingdom he forged was ready for it. 
<center><table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr><td><div style="width: 450px; height:auto; margin-top: 0px; margin-right: -20px; background-color: #141414; padding-right:10px;"><div style="padding:20px; text-align:justify; font-family:georgia; font-size:12px; line-height:15px; letter-spacing:0.5px; color:#9e9e9e;">guttural tones herald the looming presence of a fledgling sovereign, extracting the wraith from the confines of her chaotic psyche and into an <b>{</b> <i>insipid</i> <b>}</b> reality. abruptly plunging into its engrossing depths as she digests the titan’s curt sentiment with an ounce of subdued curiosity, a singular brow duly ascending if but minutely in tacit query. apprehension an augmenting pressure upon her chest cavity as she notes the tension emanating from her protege’s dark entity <b>;;</b> and yet, her abhorrent exterior remains characteristically <u>void</u> of the emotion brewing within. a stoic guise so indistinguishable from that of which her own flesh and blood immaculately adorns ----- their facade perhaps a practical endowment of the elysius bloodline.
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His mother said nothing, only met his gaze curiously. He stared at her evenly for a moment, collect his thoughts and forming his words. <B>I'm disbanding the pack. This hell hole isn't ready, the wolves here are too weak."</b> He started, keeping his voice monotonous. <b>"Erszebet has been given the trespasser to do with as she see fits. Evike can think she has her freedom, for now."</b> Lips curled into the faintest of sneers. <b>"Though I think its safe to say you can assume is an enemy and can be dealt with accordingly."</b> Haunches reclined beneath him, tails curling around his hips. <b>"I'll be around and one day, I'll rebuild my empire and ensure that we have substantial numbers and members."</b> He assured her, not that she needed it. His mother had never been able to hold a crown for long, perhaps it was within their genetics to conquer and abandon. 
<b>"There is a pack on the mountain, the king seems like he could be easily swayed, I have yet to meet any of the other members to determine how strong the pack is."</b> He went on before finally pausing long enough to take a breath. <b>"I ask only one thing of you. That little bitch will never know happiness or peace."</b> Finally lips would stretch into a full blown sneer, silver clashing with his mothers mismatched gaze. He trusted that she would know who he spoke of. Evike. One day he would come back for her, remind her that freedom was not something she was entitled to. Perhaps they could have been great, they could have ruled the world with iron fists. But no longer, she was not <I>worthy</i>. <b>"This forest is <u>ours</u>."</b> He murmured. No one would ever lay claim to it except him and his empire.