Full Version: Catching dreams
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The stars had sung their nighttime lullaby to lull the world into slumber. The cool kiss of the midnight moon had kissed the cheeks of all her children. As she let out her sleepy yawn, she tucked herself deep into the early morning sky to fade into her own slumber as her sister rose to greet the day. The morning clouds frolicked across the early morning skies as the winds sifted through the morning children’s hair. 
Sterling eyes would awake with the gently caresses of the first morning light. He would snap his jaws together a few times and rove his tongue across the dryness of his maw. Rectangular ears would swivel as he pulled his magnificent golden limbs upright and stretched out his golden fire like wings upwards to fully extend and stretch them out. A yawn would grace as jaws and he would shake the evening sleeping sand off his body. He had caught the aroma of other Kaddains and was curious to know where they had been hiding. 
It seemed the edges of the mountain side had faint lingering imprints of those that wandered this particular area. He had found his slumber closer towards the small caverns that had decorated the mountain. He wasn’t the type to rudely trespass into another’s domain. No, once he drew closer to where he was certain a boarder was put in place then he would allow his lovely song to grace the mountain above him. He had heard that the gods favored this area and he wondered if they watched him curiously. He closed his eyes and thanked them for simply being them and began to test his wings.
He stretched out his right wing, allowing the shimmery golden colors to illuminate for a brief moment; his bioluminescence wasn’t as visible during the day time hours. Should he wander into a darker area then the constant hum that enlightened the edges of his wings and the eyes around his tail feathers would illuminate his body and give him light in the evitable darkness. He allowed the left wing to be tested while flexing his three tails and shifting his tail feathers. Everything felt normal and eager to begin the transition from earth bound to sky bound.
He pulled his massive wings out, allowing the tips to almost touch the ground, and he began to flap them. At the same time he pushed with his back legs into a hop/jump type thing and allowed his heavy wings to begin pulling his frame upwards. His tail feathers steered his body, gently moving from right to left, as he gained more momentum. Soon enough he was air bound and began to sniffing the area to ensure he didn’t quite touch the boundaries. 
He found the path that most took to walk towards the mountain top. He wondered if he should land there and call for whoever was in charge of the aromas lingering in the area. He allowed his paws to push down as he gently drifted towards the path. His wings allowing his to glide more then fly in the direction he was aiming for. He easily landed against the rough rocky peak. His sterling eyes searched the skies for anyone following him. He allowed his crème colored muzzle to lift to the heavens and sing his beautiful bird like song. Summoning the alpha of the area and perhaps gaining some interest from the gods.