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Masa liked it here, where the grasses matched her coppery coat and allowed her to blend in. It was a strange place where she did not stand out so vibrantly, one where she could hunt like a proper wolf. <i>Could</i>, if it were that she knew how. Of course her mother and Vaclav had done well to try and impress the basic steps in her mind, but a lack of practice had squandered the lessons. Masa preferred more resourceful tactics, using the environment and her skill for getting places a wolf really shouldn't venture to kill what she needed to survive, making her attempt at stalking a herd of leggy antelope painfully awkward for anyone that caught a glimpse.

Rabbits and scavenged meat had sustained her for the most part, but it was the challenge of something larger that lead her to hunker down in the grasses, hips wiggling in anticipation, a steady mantra reminding her that she did not want to spring forward too soon and scatter her prey, not before she was ready to run a straggler into the ground. With her body pressed to the ground, the fiery hybrid slunk forward, the grasses parting around her with a soft whisper as her over-sized paws pressed with as much care and quiet into the ground as she could manage. Nearly upon the group, she paused, sucking in a breath and holding it as the antelope drew their dainty heads up and peered about in alarm for the unannounced intruder.

Impulse won out in the end as she rocketed out from the grass, launching her body at the nearest animal. White teeth flashed against a black muzzle, jaws slavering as they closed on naught but air. Immediately, her prey booked it, bounding off in elegant leaps at a hard perpendicular angle to her approach, causing the Djinn to practically flip in midair, springing after the fleeing herd, sending Ager into a small uproar over the laughable attempt at a solo hunt.

In time, she wore out, coming to lay heavily beneath a tree, sides heaving as her mottled tongue lolled from her maw. She was sufficiently happy to watch for the time being as she recovered her energy, cat-like claws kneading the flat dry grass and herbs as her tail beat a steady, hollow rhythm against the packed earth.